An Elden Ring Sequel Should Expand on Mounts

Elden Ring was as anticipated as a game may possibly get, also it wouldn't be an overstatement to say it has largely surpassed expectations. The game appears to be the culmination of FromSoftware's successful titles, combining the creative boss style of Dark Souls, the standout environments of Bloodborne, and some of the stealth mechanics of Sekiro.

While most players and pundits concentrate on the larger than life boss fights in Elden Ring, and also the outrageous difficulty usually associated with Miyazaki's work, there's taking care of of Elden Ring that could be expanded upon. It's not unusual for action role-playing games to possess a mount sidekick to visit faster around the map and enlarge the player's inventory. However, so far as Elden Ring is worried, it's somewhat without the mount department, something which could be improved within an eventual sequel.

Torrent, The Spirit Steed

Watching the Elden Ring trailer back in Summer Fest, one could be forgiven for getting excited about flying mounts in Elden Ring, for example dragons or wyverns. In the end, only a single mount, Torrent the Spirit Steed, is available in the sport. Having said that, the Spirit Steed is a very good mount who doesn't require food, care, or armor. Actually, Torrent could be summoned at a moment's notice with the Spectral Steed Whistle, except during PvP or Co-op, and can assist the rider traverse otherwise impassable land as well.

Of course, mounts also mean mounted combat, and Elden Ring is no exception. Riding Torrent permits the player to perform unique mounted attacks. However, there are still risks associated with mounted combat in Elden Ring because being thrown of Torrent by an opponent leaves the gamer in an exceedingly vulnerable position. Regardless of how great Torrent may be, though, by being the only real mount in the game the Spirit Steed doesn't have other points of reference.

Respecting The Mythology Behind Elden Ring

Elden Ring is heavily inspired from various mythology, there is definitely room to work with there as far as mounts are concerned. There's obviously a definite inspiration from Tolkien's Lord of the Rings European mythology, both its Pagan and Christian elements. For instance, the Night's Cavalry or Black Knight are similar to the Nazgul who are also known as Black Riders. Elden Ring also draws some inspiration from Norse mythology much like Elder Scrolls, with elements for example runes being featured prominently. Either way, there are a lot of mounts that may be included, ranging from dark steed, to powerful elks to giant wolves.

Beyond the variety of mounts themselves, an Elden Ring sequel may also add a customization choice for mounts. Whenever there is customization inside a game, no matter how little tactical advantage they might offer, entire communities of artists sprawl to showcase their hours of fruitful work. This really is already the case for Elden Ring's character creation, so doing the work for mounts inside a sequel wouldn't be an excessive amount of a stretch.

No Dragon Mounts?

Speaking of flying mounts, there are many explanations why an Elden Ring sequel could use a dragon mount. Firstly, it would expand combat options by permitting aerial attacks with dragon breath or claw attacks. Secondly, it would allow the player to travel three-dimensionally and access areas otherwise inaccessible. Lastly, riding a dragon is incredibly satisfying. If FromSoftware really insists on sticking to its high difficulty standards by not allowing any possibilities to kite enemies by having an overpowered dragon, it might simply limit the area where dragons may be used. What about a dragon elevator is needed, much like how Sekiro had the rope giant provide a lift to Fountainhead Palace. This way, at least players can enjoy the view.

Another common theme with dragons that may be explored is the concept of taming. A tamer mechanic doesn't necessarily have to be elaborate; players who picked up Elden Ring aren't looking to play Monster Hunter, in the end. Having said that, pummeling Agheel into submission and forcing the creature into obedience could be using the game's brutal themes. This could also add a layer of difficulty in requiring the player to prevent killing an enemy to be able to tame it, similar to how Pokemon behooves the player to lessen enough HP to capture a Pokemon although not outright defeat it.

Gaining knowledge from The Competition

FromSoftware's crowning achievement has gotten more adoration than its competition, and deservedly so. Since its launch, many large content creators have finally spent entire streams playing the sport. After all, Elden Ring is without a doubt one of the greatest games of the generation, but no game is ideal. As such, it might definitely get a few pointers from the likes of Horizon Zero Dawn or Elder Scrolls in the mount department.

In nevertheless, new mounts is only going to figure into an Elden RIng sequel. Considering just how long it requires for games of this caliber to be made, it's unlikely this type of sequel could be released for at least another couple of years. Moreover, you may still find open-ended questions regarding Bloodborne and Sekiro sequels that won't even be in the oven yet.

That said, gamers usually have done the very best with that they've had. If Elden Ring players actually want to diversify their ways of transportation across the Arena of Lands while awaiting a sequel, it's fortunately easy to try hitching a ride on a single from the wagons pulled by the Hauling Giants.

Elden Ring can be obtained now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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