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TLOU2: Multiplayer Armor For Ellie Discovered In Hidden Game Files

YouTuber Speclizer found several pieces of unused multiplayer armor for Ellie while scouring through The Last people Part II's hidden game files. It's possible such content represents remnants of the multiplayer suite originally designed to launch alongside TLoU Part 2. Sony and Naughty Dog teased the return of TLoU's Factions after announcing the sequel during PSX 2022. Also it was well known that actually work had indeed begun on the online component. However, in September 2022, the development team confirmed intends to put aside Factions in support of concentrating on wrapping up the single-player experience.

In the two-plus years since that time, The Last of Us Part 2's Factions has yet to officially begin to see the light of day, barring the sporadic rumor. One bit of speculation, according to job listings, posits that Factions will launch like a standalone experience, wholly separate from the main game. While Naughty Dog has yet to corroborate just as much, the studio's minor multiplayer tease during the last people Day 2022 known Factions as an ambitious project that requires time to fully gestate before entering the spotlight. When that time will come for an end is anyone's guess.

YouTuber Speclizer (via GamesRadar) recently unearthed multiplayer armor for Ellie within the last people Part 2's game files, thanks to the aid of modder Angel-gbc online (known as Angel_Gbc10 on Twitter). Three different teams of armor featured within the hidden files, because both versions Speclizer managed to capture footage of in-game. The amount 1 armor adorns Ellie in Police riot gear. Meanwhile, the Level 3 attire looks like gear once worn by FEDRA. Finally, Level 3's armor set bears a brown and green camouflage design. The YouTuber doesn't know the specifics of the multiplayer armor models' origins but speculates the unused files were likely “placeholder models” that stemmed from Naughty Dog's sidelined development of TLoU Part 2's Factions mode.

The multiplayer gear for Ellie could also provide a tease of the items Naughty Dog holds for that eventual discharge of Factions. However, given that TLoU 2's online counterpart remains shrouded in mystery, all you can now do is speculate. As mentioned previously, job listings have provided a few hints here and there over the past couple of years. A recent job posting made mention of in-game revenue and lifelong value, suggesting Factions could constitute a free-to-play experience with microtransactions.

Sony and Naughty Dog shipped The Last of Us Part 2 in June 2022 to widespread critical acclaim. The Last of Us sequel has since taken The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt's spot because the most-awarded game ever, with a minimum of 300 awards to its name by April 2022. Whether or not the team of developers intend to explore a third entry isn't yet known, though series Co-Creator Neil Druckmann did tease he and TLoU Part 2 Narrative Lead Halley Gross previously drafted a tale outline that hadn't entered development.

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