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Horizon Forbidden West Studio Appears To Be Making a Multiplayer Game

The developers behind Horizon Forbidden West might be expanding the series with a brand new multiplayer game. Guerrilla Games is currently focusing on the sequel to its record-breaking IP, Horizon Zero Dawn. Following the first game's events, Aloy treks west to investigate a mysterious plague ravaging the fauna throughout the coast. Throughout a Sony State of Play showcase, Horizon Forbidden West was delayed until February 2022.

Guerrilla Games isn't any strangers to multiplayer games. Before Aloy was fighting giant mechanical beasts, the Netherlands-based studio produced the Killzone series for PlayStation consoles. Multiplayer was a part of every Killzone game, using the first two games featuring gritty 32-player maps before transitioning to a more Call of Duty style game flow.

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According to a new listing by Guerrilla Games on its job board, the studio is hiring for a new senior social systems designer. The positioning could be in charge of creating new systems for players to connect, including “Guild-like groups to explore together” in an open-world online environment. While the position doesn't list which IP the brand new multiplayer game will be a part of, it's fair to consider the Horizon series will be involved, taking into consideration the popularity of the IP. This evidence is bolstered by Guerilla reportedly creating a new game, which has allegedly been in development for 3 now.

As reported by VGC, Guerrilla has been interested in bringing a multiplayer experience to Horizon because the first game. The studio reportedly stopped the introduction of the multiplayer addition, deciding instead to pay attention to finishing the very first game. Reports also state that the mode would appear as part of either a sequel or like a standalone video game. However, with no reference to multiplayer in Horizon Forbidden West, one can assume that the former may be the direction Guerrilla takes.

Guerrilla seems to be the next first-party developer for Sony to participate expanding previously solo adventure IPs. Naughty Dog's developing a Last people multiplayer project that is most likely a larger version of its Factions multiplayer from the first game. Sucker Punch already has a multiplayer mode for Ghost of Tsushima called Legends. If multiplayer is incorporated in the cards for Horizon, it follows the initiative Sony put forth early this season to grow its IPs beyond their current experiences.

A multiplayer Horizon game appears like it might follow closer to a Monster Hunter style format, with players teaming together to consider on the enormous machines that roam the lands. Guerrilla's world has room for expansion, as the former United States is the only physical location explored in the series so far. Regardless, the way forward for Horizon looks pretty bright.

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