Funny Skyrim Clip Shows Headless Horseman Chasing His Horse

In a game packed with dragons, giant frostbite spiders, and phantoms, players of The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim can witness some rather absurd things in the course of their ventures that are sure to have perform a double-take at least once during gameplay. In the end, you will find endless anomalies and outer-worldly Easter eggs in Skyrim for players to locate throughout every area from the map. However, what makes certain implausible occurrences more thrilling than others happens when they occur by sheer chance or due to a glitch, since this does a good deal for making the knowledge more unique for that player.

One of developer Bethesda's most infamous attributes is how its modern releases like Fallout 76 are littered with hitches and glitches that usually result in players stumbling upon entertaining or down-right bizarre in-game events. However, this trait is nothing new, as although an entire decade has transpired since Bethesda released Skyrim, it's still no stranger to extraordinary unscripted experiences either.

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Now, Reddit user DapperBones has shared a brief video with Reddit that reinforces this very notion of the experience role-playing gaming. Leaving many fans completely baffled at another funny glitch in Skyrim, the 18-second clip starts with DapperBones scouring an enormous forest during horseback. All appears fine until a translucent ghost horse trots past DapperBones at full speed, with the lone phantom steed just narrowly shearing the player.

Uh- The Horseman Fell off from

This spontaneous happening alone might not be enough to confound the greater experienced adventurers from the game, as Skyrim is already home to several phantom beasts such as the Arvak. But why is this sighting hilarious is the fact that right after the ghost horse passes DapperBones, so does its bumbling headless rider as he chases after their own translucent mount.

For those not too caught up on Skyrim's lore, the headless horseman is a specter that players can catch while traveling throughout Skyrim at night, or staying at Hamvir's Rest throughout the day. Although he usually performs no actions and does not desire to bring harm to the player, the headless warrior wields a steel battleaxe with steel plate armor. Said to be a perceptive, omniscient figure, seeing him fumble after his horse makes this clip even more amusing when compared to other notable Skyrim sightings.

In summary, given that The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim recently celebrated its 10-year anniversary, many fans are just delighted to see that the game still has no insufficient remarkable occurrences. After all, it's chaotic yet unforgettable moments such as this that stick around with players long after putting the controller down.

The Elder Scrolls 5: Skyrim – Anniversary Edition is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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