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Despite Recent Delay For Crysis Remastered, The Nintendo Switch Version Is Arriving Next Thursday

Just at the start of July, developer Crytek disclosed some unfortunate news – Crysis Remastered could be pushed back by “a few weeks”. While left unsure as to in which the game's release would land now, it's suspected that the rework would now arrive in August or possibly even just in September since the game was listed for a late July launch before the announcement around the Microsoft Store.

Howbeit, there was one interesting detail from the letterhead posted by the developer at that time: pre-orders would still presume for Nintendo Switch owners. While console players on Xbox or PlayStation in addition to PC users would be hindered from pre-ordering for the moment, but players on Nintendo's platform weirdly enough could still pre-purchase the sport.

While it was an enigma in those days, Crytek has revealed recently the reasoning for why. Which is because Crysis Remastered will be launching around the originally listed date uniquely for that Nintendo Switch. The developer made the announcement earlier this week on its official Twitter account.

Even more, the studio just today unleashed a care package of content for Crysis Remastered revealing a few of the improvements that have been made around the 2007 title with the coming remastered title. You can view images and even snippets of the game's performing on Nintendo Switch by going to the Crysis website.

Elsewhere on Twitter yet again, Crytek also spared new details in regards to the remaining console and PC version for Crysis Remastered; sharing that the respected versions will have an update within the possible future. “PC and console players: we'll have more updates for you personally shortly. Stay tuned,” the tweet tells.

What platform do you plan on obtaining Crysis on when it arrives later this season?

Crysis Remastered is coming to Nintendo Turn on July 23, 2022; listed for Xbox One, PlayStation 4, and PC to have an undisclosed date.

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