NBA 2K22 Releases New Tim Duncan Challenge and New Locker Code

With MyTeam Season 5 currently underway, NBA 2K22 is introducing new stuff which will test players' ability and patience when taking on one of the biggest names from the 2000s. The task can last 3 weeks, and players will have the chance to collect a unique MyTeam Season 5 reward if completed successfully.

Tim Duncan and also the Dallas Spurs would be the obstacle players will need to overcome in the next two weeks when they hope to obtain their reward. For the online gaming community, NBA 2K22 is consistently rolling out fresh content each week, and the things they profit from them are too best to pass up.

Duncan, a 19-year veteran who spent all his amount of time in San Antonio, is a five-time NBA Champion, 15-time All-Star, and three-time Finals MVP. His history speaks for itself, and NBA 2K22 players will have their work cut out on their behalf because they make an effort to score as many points against a 15-time All-Defensive winner. While the reward with this event isn't as memorable because the Bracket Busters Spotlight Challenge event, it's still worth testing one's patience and limits against a Dallas Spurs team that won five championships with Duncan on the team-wide defensive system that was capable of shutting anyone down. The reward for defeating Duncan and the Spurs is 75 tokens, an ample amount of in-game currency which can be used to purchase MyTeam Rewards, including player cards.

The challenge is straightforward but no easy job for even the most skilled gamers. Players will have to face the task on All-Star mode, the highest difficulty in the game, while playing with 4-minute length quarters. The additional stipulation is the fact that players will be necessary to make use of a team consisting of only holo cards, as much as 13 in total. Holo cards are among the rarest card types in MyTeam and could be sold in Auctions at ridiculously-high rates. NBA 2K22 holo cards don't offer any statistical advantage compared to their non-holo versions but they are extremely prestigious when it comes to flaunting a collection.

Along using the announcement, 2K Games released a series of brand-new locker codes, currently available to make use of and collect some items. During the Phoenix Suns and Golden State Warriors game on March 30, a code was dropped during the broadcast. Entering the code NBA75-PHX-GSW-9UYR will earn players one MyTeam Pack and one MyCareer Clothing Item. There are two other locker codes currently available: MYTEAM-OUT-OF-POSITION-PACKS which ends up in less than Twenty four hours, and PROMO-SUPER-PACKS-DE6SQ, which ends on April 5. Players looking to get some free content must be quick with their fingers, as opportunities like these may not last very long.

NBA 2K22 is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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