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Atlus Announces 2022 Release Timeframe For Shin Migami Tensei V, Coming Exclusively To Nintendo Switch

In the continuous outcry for Japanese developer Atlus to bring its prominent Persona series to Nintendo Switch, fans on the platform should keep in mind that the firm has already been underway with a large, in-scale task for Nintendo's current system. It had been originally announced in October 2022 the studio revealed Shin Migami Tensei V could be visiting Nintendo Switch.

In that, the firm spared the work is within development and could be launching within the coming future. But because time continued, some fans started to get impatient and started grabbing for the byproduct of the series, in particular, 2022's Persona 5. But regardless of the more recent request for the spin-off series hitting the Nintendo eShop, Atlus has returned with news regarding Shin Migami Tensei.

During today's abruptly announced Nintendo Direct Mini, Atlus has shared a trailer for Shin Migami Tensie and knowning that revealed the game is going to be shipping sometime the coming year in 2022. You can watch a clip within the video below:

Regarding the finer information on the following installment for that decades-old series, Atlus kept the outline brief for the game's synopsis. “The time for creation has come, follow your will and choose the earth's fate.” Noted, this has to be not the very first project from Atlus that will be shipping to Nintendo Switch. Back in February, Persona 5 Scramble arrived to the Nintendo eShop in Japan.

But recently this month, the studio's 2022 reiteration of Catherine – Catherine: Full Body – arrived to Nintendo Switch. The game offers the original story with the addition of a more complex outcome having a third love interest, Quatherine. You can read the initial announcement by heading here.

What are you currently most excited for around Shin Migami Tensei V?

Shin Migami Tensei V is coming to Nintendo Switch in 2022.

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