Elden Ring Stealth Doesn't actually Make Sense

Elden Ring is the most recent game in developer FromSoftware's number of extremely hard fantasy RPGs. While Elden Ring does consume a certain formula that's been set out by the Dark Souls trilogy and Bloodborne, additionally, it builds upon certain mechanics and adds new elements for players to savor. There's the open-world of Elden Ring, which is perhaps the most apparent change made from previous From Software games, because it allows the player to forge their very own path in terms of the way they want to play. This allows players walk right up to some of the most difficult bosses in the game, or farm all night until they face Elden Ring's first boss.

Another fairly new component of gameplay is the way stealth is integrated in Elden Ring. Stealth was a major feature of From Software's recently released Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, yet where stealth is a priority in that game, Elden Ring offers more optional stealth mechanics. With many builds to create and classes to select from in Elden Ring, it is entirely possible to skip the stealth mechanics, instead choosing a bolder style of combat.

However, as Reddit user Horrey92 shows, the stealth mechanics in Elden Ring can offer some of the strangest and funniest moments hanging around. Inside a short clip, the Elden Ring player walks into a room where there is a patrolling enemy. Without being spotted, the player announces their entry in one of the loudest ways possible by rolling through and destroying the table in the center of the room. The enemy and player then share a stare prior to the former goes back to his business.

Elden Ring StealthTM from

This results in the hilarious finale of the clip in which the player seems to accomplish a backstab on the enemy who had just spotted them a moment ago. Other players were quick to share their similar experiences in Elden Ring, with one claiming that their favorite moment hanging around is when the AI spots the player and just stares their way for some seconds before obliterating the gamer or getting obliterated themselves. Another comment simply said "must’ve been the wind,” creating a reference to a famous line found in Skyrim when an enemy does not spot a player in stealth.

Despite having some seriously difficult combat along with a serious tone, plenty of Elden Ring players are managing to produce some hilarious moments in the game. Besides abusing the stealth mechanics available, players have even created methods into fooling other players. Another funny clip shows a person avoiding an invasion by impersonating one of Elden Ring's many NPCs.

Elden Ring is available let's focus on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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