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Halo Infinite: Ways to use the OP Grappling Hook in Multiplayer

Halo Infinite's multiplayer is different up how Halo can be played thanks to the game's grappling hook. The Halo Infinite multiplayer launched during Halo's 20th Anniversary event, and inside the first day the Halo Infinite multiplayer set Steam charts records. The Grappleshot has quickly become area of the draw to play Halo Infinite's multiplayer, because it allows players to become more mobile than in the past.

The Grappleshot is really a new device which was first shown in early Halo Infinite campaign trailers, and it instantly had fans excited for all the combat possibilities made available for Master Chief. Obviously, this excitement quickly spread in to the multiplayer as players discovered the full potential of the grappling hook in Halo Infinite. Now that the final beta phase of the Halo Infinite multiplayer is live, the Grappleshot has carved its place like a sought-after piece of equipment like Active Camo or Overshields.

The grappling hook comes with an array of uses in the Halo Infinite multiplayer, many of which make it a great piece of equipment to make use of in both regular modes and large Team Battle alike. For starters, the Grappleshot can attach itself to the surface within its range. Based upon the object it is linked to, players will either end up being launched towards the object, just like a wall or vehicle, or reeling within the thing to them, just like a weapon or fusion coil. In the case of other players, Halo's grappling hook will reel the consumer in to the other player as if these were a wall, and also the action ends having a melee attack once fully reeled in. Any time the Grappleshot can reach a target, a little yellow icon indicates the object is within grapple range.

Using The Grappleshot To Win Halo Infinite Matches

Like all equipment and power-ups in Halo Infinite, the Grappleshot includes a small group of uses before players go out. More grappling hook equipment are available on many of Halo Infinite's maps, but because the game does not have access to static weapon and equipment spawns, it's as much as players to determine if the grappling hook is within that particular match. Some players have had very flashy kills with the Grappleshot, showing off the different play styles the new equipment supports.

As Halo Infinite continues to draw new and concurrent players alike, new ways to use the Grappleshot (making it even more overpowered of computer already is) are sure to be discovered. For now, some essential tips for Halo Infinite's multiplayer relating towards the Grappleshot include:

  • Remembering Halo Infinite's Grappleshot has limited use.
  • Knowing the difference between closing the gap between your player and opponents and bringing weapons or objects like fusion coils closer.
  • Remembering the grappling hook in Halo makes hijacking single-person vehicles easier, including hijacking a Banshee in flight, because it automatically triggers the hijack action once players get to the grappled vehicle.
  • Keep in mind that players who shoot the Grappleshot in the ground and look down look really cool to other Halo Infinite players.

Lastly, players can use Halo Infinite's Grappleshot to reach new heights by adjusting their view and momentum direction mid-flight. Adjusting momentum and direction is a semi-advanced skill, but it is invaluable for top-tier mobility that turns into a necessity for Halo Infinite's ranked mode.

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