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Halo Infinite: The very best Controller Setup for Multiplayer

Halo Infinite has witnessed significant success with the discharge of its multiplayer, and players can find their very own success using the best multiplayer controller setup. The launch of Halo Infinite's multiplayer has seen many beginners within the online experience, along with the return of veterans who might not have picked up a Halo title since 2022's release of Halo 5. With the help of Halo Infinite's ranked mode, all players should wish to have the very best controller setup for multiplayer.

One of the unique features of Halo Infinite is it allows players to set up their own custom button mapping. As the traditional settings are still available, players can individually pre-plan inputs for controllers. Of course, this extends to keyboard and mouse players, but the limited capacity of the controller means its users will need to take full advantage of their buttons to maintain your competition. Additionally, because Halo Infinite is also available on Steam, it is necessary now more than ever before to use settings that permit players to help make the most of the mobility and arsenal at hand.

The best Halo Infinite multiplayer settings depend upon the kind of controller getting used; for example, a typical controller vs. a top-notch Series 2. Standard controllers don't have the paddles that the Elite Series 2 has, meaning the ideal controller setup needs to change. Neither settings are particularly much better than another, although a lot of online FPS gamers would rather use a controller with paddles due to convenience. On the other hand, the standard controller requires much less button customization, influencing a player's decision to use this model over another controller with paddles in Halo Infinite.

The Best Controller Setup For Halo Infinite Multiplayer

For the standard controller, the ideal setup is not that different from the default settings. However, three buttons will swap positions together to match better mobility and equipment usage in Halo Infinite. In any competitive FPS game, mobility is everything, and also the easier it is to maneuver, the harder it is for an opponent to win a firefight. The default settings on the standard controller set RB as “Use Equipment,” B as “Crouch/Slide,” and R3 as “Melee.” For the ideal settings, players should change these buttons towards the following:

  • RB as Melee: This enables for quicker melee attacks after firing a weapon.
  • R3 as Crouch/Slide: The best stick has already been tied to directional change, so placing R3 because the crouch and slide mechanics allows players to control their movement fully between the left and right sticks.
  • B as Use Equipment: Setting B as use equipment isn't nearly as necessary as setting another buttons up, however this assures players can still use their equipment quickly regardless of the situation.

For an Elite Series 2, or any other controller with paddles, the best Halo Infinite multiplayer controller setup is tweaked ever so slightly from the settings of the standard controller. For instance, switch the crouch and slide button from B to R3 and the melee button from R3 to B from the default settings. Using the B paddle mapped out on the back, players convey more control and may quickly access melee while retaining the utilization equipment button on RB.

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