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Halo Infinite: Best Weapons for Multiplayer (& The way they Work)

Halo Infinite's multiplayer surprise dropped a week ago, and enough time has transpired for players to get a sense of the game's massive listing of 22 weapons. Halo veterans may be surprised to locate that lots of the very best weapons hanging around are actually new to the series and easily fit in perfectly with iconic, returning weapons from past Halo games. There are several clear standout weapons that players may need to look out for on the battlefield to slay their opponents.

While Halo Infinite's weapon options include iconic gear like the Battle Rifle, Rocket Launcher (renamed the “SPNKR Rocket Launcher”), Gravity Hammer, and Energy Sword, there are some notable weapons that did not result in the cut. The DMR, one-shot Shotgun, SMG, and every known Covenant weapon aside from the Plasma Pistol aren't currently present in Halo Infinite. Also not included are every known Promethean weapon from Halo 4 and Halo 5. Arguably, though, Halo Infinite's new weapon additions fill these gaps fairly well.

There are 10 Halo Infinite weapons most every player will want to look for and master to flourish in arenas, ranked, and big team battle matches. A lot of Halo Infinite's best weapons are generally completely new or perform differently from their previous iterations, so players will need to spend more time with each one of these to gain top of the hand on other Spartans.

Halo Infinite's Ten best Weapons

Halo Infinite's new shotgun, the CQS48 Bulldog, builds off its previous iteration but performs much differently. This new shotgun is fully automatic, has a considerably longer range, and has a larger ammo capacity. However, the shotgun cannot one-shot opponents, and, even though it is a very reliable tw0- to three-shot kill weapon, missing a couple of shots can lead to losing to some pistol or AR.

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