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Let Me Solo Her Is Elden Ring's Biggest Multiplayer Hero

An Elden Ring player named “Let me solo her” has becomes a Tarnished celebrity by defeating Malenia alone in co-op while wearing only a jar. FromSoftware's latest fantasy epic lets players summon allies for jolly cooperation or engage in PvP duels with hostile invaders. While Elden Ring boss Malenia is considered one of the game's toughest foes, one selfless gamer is lending their impeccable skills to assist others conquer the Goddess of Rot.

First glimpsed within the game's earliest trailers, Malenia is becoming something of the mascot for Elden Ring. In the lore of the Lands Between and it is Shattering civil war, the shardbearing demigod defeated the mighty Starscourge Radahn and infected the location of Caelid having a horrific plague called scarlet rot. In-game Malenia are available at the bottom of Elphael, Brace from the Haligtree, a late-game legacy dungeon accessed by traversing the Consecrated Snowfield and breaking a seal in the capital of scotland- Ordina. Although some players have completed a Level 1 no hit challenge against Malenia, most gamers struggle to deal with the Blade of Miquella's impressive speed and health regeneration mechanic.

Skilled player and Reddit user KleinTsuboiOW, also known as “Let me solo her” in Elden Ring has been helping gamers defeat Malenia by defeating her alone. Using the game's co-op summoning mechanic, the masterful swordsman wears only a jar hat into battle and defeats the Goddess of Rot with no the aid of their allies. This really is impressive, considering Elden Ring bosses get larger health pools when facing off against multiple players. The game's subreddit has exploded with tributes towards the unstoppable Let me solo her, with Asphodelophiliac and MrHappyTinkles creating heartwarming fan art and jooooonnny posting a hilarious meme.

While some Elden Ring players get frustrated by Malenia's lighting-fast strikes and healing factor, many also find beauty in the demigod duel. 2D pixel art of Malenia is in a position to capture the artistry of in charge fight by transforming it into an old-school side-scrolling adventure. The colorful creation perfectly captures Malenia's boss arena, that is located among massive winding roots at the lower Haligtree. The warrior's second form, which sees her sprout wings of godly rot, can also be gorgeously translated into a retro pixelated art style.

Many struggle to survive against Malenia, but Elden Ring's Allow me to solo her has the capacity to effortlessly cut the Blade of Miquella down without aid. Having three players in the game effectively doubles a boss' health pool, and yet the skilled swordsman appears to pay that no mind. Becoming an overnight sensation, Let me solo her has earned a place in the halls of Elden Ring history.

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