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Co-Op Multiplayer Game Fueled Up Trailer Reveals Chaotic Fun

Fireline Games is currently hard at work on Fueled Up, a co-op multiplayer game that has cosmic calamity in the form of space salvaging with friends. An independent development studio resides in Poland, Fireline Games previously released Intensive Exposure on PC via Steam, providing players having a fast-paced adventure about exposing yourself while nude and trying to avoid getting caught.

Couch co-op games have been receiving the increase in the past few years, with split-screen experiences going for a back seat throughout the seventh-console generation. The kind of Borderlands, Portal 2, and LEGO-branded adventures kept local multiplayer alive for a time, however the growing interest in online multiplayer effectively snuffed it out for a long time. Fortunately, experiences for example Overcooked and A Way Out reinvigorated this specific type of game. Along with a Way to avoid it developer Hazelight Studios' has especially proven integral in this regard, using its 2022 release of It Takes Two serving as proof positive that players all over the world still wish to enjoy split-screen games from time to time. Now yet another independent studio takes in the mantle of bringing back couch co-op.

On the heels from it Takes Two's extraordinary success, 2022 appears to be although it will supply players with another interesting co-op adventure. This much is evidenced in Fireline Games' recent announcement of Fueled Up, a cooperative multiplayer title wherein users explore danger-filled galaxies replete with ever-growing hazardous threats. The goal is to do so while salvaging spaceships and trying to outrun a massive Space Octopus. On the internet and local multiplayer appear to rest in the centre from the experience, though Fueled Up's over-the-top action may also be available to people who prefer to journey through the furthest reaches of space on their own. Check it out in the announcement trailer linked below:

As mentioned after the trailer, Fueled Up will come to PC via Steam, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One platforms with an unspecified date this year. Further launch related-details remain under lock and key, but Steam users can Wishlist the title. Whether or not Fueled Up will ultimately get a free next-gen upgrade isn't known, either.

Since spaceship recovery games don't come along all too often, Fireline Game's upcoming adventure taps into an underserved niche. That it appears like Overcooked wide should win it a few bonuses with gamers who choose frantic co-op experiences, as well. Hopefully, the studio may have more to show in the months ahead.

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