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Halo Infinite Season 2 Video Reveals Catalyst & Breaker Multiplayer Maps

Developer 343 Industries has offered a first look at the Catalyst and Breaker multiplayer maps slated hitting Halo Infinite Season 2 when it arrives in a few short weeks. Halo Infinite's long-awaited second months are scheduled to produce at the begining of May, bringing by using it brand-new multiplayer maps, limited-time events, additional game modes, and another premium Battle Pass packed with rewards.

343 began teasing its plans for Halo Infinite Season 2 – Lone Wolves – earlier this year, offering up cursory details alongside a 30-second announcement trailer. Such news came around the heels from the seasonal update's prolonged delay, which saw the growing season 2 content pushed from February to May 3. Though Halo Infinite launched to widespread acclaim, concerns regarding the Battle Pass grind along with a dearth of meaningful post-launch updates set players on edge. The lack of a 2022 roadmap and usually poor communication didn't help either, yet it appears like 343 Industries may soon turn things around once Halo Infinite's forthcoming update arrives.

Today, April 15, developer 343 Industries unveiled two new multiplayer maps coming to Halo Infinite Season 2. Your blog post on Halo Waypoint previews each addition, noting the Arena map – Catalyst – comes in the form of a symmetrical map set in a “tunnel-like Forerunner structure;” notably, its two sides are connected with a light bridge. Catalyst also boasts waterfalls and cathedral walls dense with overgrown plants, far in the design of Breaker. Like a “pseudo symmetric” Big Time Battle map, Breaker takes place in a Banished scrapyard wherein ship debris serves as the house base for every team. Instead of a light bridge, a big “plasma cutting beam structure” can serve as the centerpiece that divides Breaker. Concept art for both of Halo Infinite's upcoming maps feature within the video linked below:

After months with virtually no updates of consequence, the most recent look at Halo Infinite Season 2 suggests lapsed players and newcomers alike will quickly find reason to jump pack into the first-person shooter experience. Of course, it remains to be seen how well the fresh content is going to be received upon its arrival at the begining of May. This will mark one step within the right direction, though.

Following a delay that lasted a little over Twelve months, Halo Infinite launched for PC, last-gen, and current-gen Xbox platforms in December 2022. The shooter received nothing short of high praise across the board for its campaign-based offerings, though the multiplayer suite quickly lost favor among regular users. Hopefully, Halo Infinite's new seasonal content will turn the tide.

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