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Why LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga Continues to have No Online Multiplayer

LEGO Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga, like most from the other games in the series, doesn't have a web-based multiplayer option in-game. LEGO video games' iconic split screen did escape back into The Skywalker Saga only for local co-op. As the game is enjoyable to play solo (or in local co-op), many fans were looking to see a web-based multiplayer mode implemented in to the game.

In the lead-up to The Skywalker Saga's release, there is suspicion that the game might have a multiplayer mode, but that fell through once Traveller's Tales made an official announcement it wouldn't. The rest of the non-mobile LEGO Star Wars games in the series except The Complete Saga (2007) do not have a web-based mode either, so it came as no surprise this one followed that very same trend. Despite the fact that, though, the game has were able to be the top hit for April 2022 gaming releases thus far, receiving some quality reviews; however, the game isn't without its problems – with the insufficient online multiplayer being one of the greatest.

So, why didn't LEGO The exorcist: The Skywalker Saga have online multiplayer? That answer, unfortunately, isn't all too clear. Actually, there is no in-depth explanation from the developers at Traveller's Tales around the reasoning, but many evidence suggests the studio not having sufficient time. If that's the case, it does beg the question about potential future implementation.

Crunch Likely Caused LEGO Star Wars' Lack Of Online Multiplayer

Throughout its development phase, The Skywalker Saga underwent an extensive crunch time. When push came to shove, it needed additional time for development, also it made this LEGO Star Wars game get a release delay. Initially, it looked as if the sport would incorporate multiplayer before the massive crunch problem, but that area of the plan doesn't seem like it was the most prioritized aspect during development. And indeed, The Skywalker Saga excels in a lot of areas, like the over-the-shoulder gameplay perspective and gamers' choice to start off playing any chapter they want. These new aspects were possibly the main priority for the devs to finally meet the game's launch requirements, but online multiplayer might be in route soon.

Out of all of the problems in LEGO The exorcist: The Skywalker Saga, the lack of multiplayer ranks close to the top, and it would be a disappointment for several fans eagerly wanting to view it return from The Complete Saga days. There's still an opportunity that Traveller's Tales could add online multiplayer later, and that doesn't appear to be an outrageous thought since it was originally in the game's plans. However, no official announcement has been created at this time. Currently, the only method to play LEGO The exorcist: The Skywalker Saga cooperatively is either locally or on PC using the exclusive Steam remote play function.

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