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Elden Ring Players Get Banned For Accepting Gifts in Multiplayer

Some Elden Ring players are getting temporarily banned from the game's online multiplayer servers for accepting a unique and forbidden gift. While FromSoftware's hit open-world action RPG is primarily meant to be a single-player experience, Elden Ring allows players to consider towards the online arena to challenge one another in PVP battles and summon other Elden Ring players to help each other against the Lands Between's most menacing bosses. However, the field of Elden Ring contains many dangerous secrets that may cut a Tarnished's journey being the following Elden Lord short, be that in-universe or even in real life.

One such secret is the Deathbed Smalls, a skimpy but otherwise unassuming set of black underwear owed to deathbed companion Fia. In Elden Ring, Fia provides players with a significant status increase by embracing these questions comforting hug, and players can find out more of her mysterious backstory by completing a certain questline. Players can also collect Fia's dark Deathbed garb being an outfit for his or her Tarnished – aside from her underwear, that was originally planned to be included like a piece of leg armor before being removed for apparently being too risqué. However, certain Elden Ring players have managed to have the Deathbed Smalls by hacking Elden Ring's game files – and triggering the game's anti-cheat systems along the way.

According to Kotaku, Elden Ring players who're unlucky enough to have came across Fia's Deathbed Smalls are becoming soft-banned from the game's multiplayer servers – and therefore they're only permitted to play Elden Ring either offline or on a designated server along with other violators for a hefty 180 days. Reddit users like Ok-Communication7125 have shared their stories of finding a mysterious pair of underwear laying on the ground, only to receive a message letting them know they've been banned from Elden Ring's multiplayer servers for accepting a contraband item. Upon further investigation, it's been learned that this forbidden gift may be the work of a single Elden Ring player: “Pantsu Dealer,” that has been invading other players' worlds and dropping the Deathbed Smalls for unsuspecting Tarnished to find. To undo the ban, Bandai Namco advises affected players to delete all Elden Ring data from their computers and reinstall the game from scratch.

This is far in the first time that FromSoftware has banned players for violating protocols in Elden Ring, as hackers have been blocked for rune farming and reverse-pickpocketing their fellow players. Additionally, Japanese Twitch streamers happen to be banned from receiving donations during Elden Ring streams, and even Gotham Knights developer Mitch Dyer had his account banned due to continuingly disconnecting from the game due to poor PC optimization.

Not every player that has chanced across Fia's DeathBed Smalls has been suspended from their Elden Ring accounts, but enough have experienced Panstu Dealer's antics to warrant spreading the world of this ongoing issue. 180 days is really a very long time to be blocked from Elden Ring's multiplayer servers, so any players who uncover a mysterious set of underwear littering the Lands Between could be advised to avoid picking them up – lest they function as the next one to be banned from the game and forced to reinstall everything once again.

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