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Age of Empires 4: How to Setup Multiplayer Co-op

Many real-time strategy games like Chronilogical age of Empires IV thrive in multiplayer, often allowing players to compete to see who can outsmart others on the way to victory. As the competitive multiplayer could be a great time, co-op play can also be rewarding and allow players to determine precisely how strong they are as a group from the game's AI. It can also serve as an easy way to teach less experienced players how to win.

Co-op vs AI in Age of Empires IV works much like the way that it did in Age of Empires III. Teams as high as four players can function together to consider down the same size team of AI civilizations, battling them through the ages. Every available civilization in Chronilogical age of Empires IV is available to use within co-op. Similar to any other type of play, the co-op team can win once one of their civilizations achieves a number of victory conditions.

Co-op games can be created or joined in Age of Empires 4, which is pretty easily accessible them with the main menu. Players can invite their friends for their game or join one full of random teammates. They can use in-game communication to coordinate against the improved Age of Empires AI and gameplay. You will find multiple difficulty settings available to make sure that players of every level of skill are designed for the task.

How to setup Multiplayer Co-op in Age of Empires IV

The first step in setting up a Co-op vs AI game in Age of Empires IV is for players to go to the main menu and choose Multiplayer. This can open the Multiplayer menu, which defaults to the VS Players mode when first opened. Players can change this by clicking the Co-op vs AI choice to the right and selecting their desired difficulty. The process from here differs a little based on whether players are looking to play with friends, with random teammates, or both.

The easiest way to set up Age of Empires 4's multiplayer co-op with friends is to invite these to a group before starting the lobby. To do so, players can click the Group tab around the bottom-left and invite friends by striking the + button. When the group includes all desired allies, players can use the Quick Match screen, select the tickbox using the correct number of participants and jump right in to the game.

If players have only a couple of friends to experience with, but they still want to have fun with a full team of 4, then they can choose to look for a 4v4 game by ticking the 4v4 checkbox and choosing Search for Game. Players can also use the Custom tab towards the top of the Multiplayer menu to create a custom lobby and simply invite friends from that screen without one having to maintain a group.

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