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My Singing Monsters Playground Review: A Fun Multiplayer Experience

My Singing Monsters Playground, developed by Big Blue Bubble and authored by Sold-Out Software, offers a variety of minigames for players to enjoy. Four monsters compete to win either in a free-for-all, two-on-two, or three-against-one minigame. Players can also unlock decorations and alternate skins by earning Relics while playing.

My Singing Monsters Playground has various minigames similar to Mario Party Superstars. There really are a total of 25 minigames to experience with either with AI opponents or any other players. Each game starts with instructions and a practice window so players can try out the controls. Unfortunately, the controls lag occasionally, making games that require specific timing a bit hard to win. In “Hazardous Hurdle,” players need to jump over a fast spinning bar, but the jump action doesn't always work, while other challenges, like Tobog-gone, just have counterintuitive controls which make the minigame feel broken.

Although My Singing Monsters Playground is the successor to the original My Singing Monsters game, there is not really any singing made by the characters. Players acquainted with the game will recognize the instrumental background music as a few of the songs the monsters sing, but that is the only real connection. There are also just seven monsters to choose from, and some of the other characters are featured in minigames. Players could possibly get different costumes for the monsters, but there are no additional characters to unlock.

Free Play is a great mode to rehearse on before attempting the Solo Gauntlet mode. In Solo Gauntlet, players are challenged to compete against AI opponents and should are available in to begin with to move on. The goal is to see how many games the gamer can win in a row. The Solo Gauntlet is a good method to test skills and get used to the more powerful variants of AI rivals. AIs become drastically harder because they scale up between easy, medium, and difficult. However, the main difference between easy and medium is much greater than medium and hard, making the problem levels feel somewhat unbalanced.

My Singing Monsters Playground invites players to use probably the most popular monsters from the mobile game to compete with their friends in a variety of minigames. Alternatively, players can battle against AI opponents in one of the three available game modes. Although there is a insufficient monsters or unlockables, My Singing Monsters Playground is still fun to play and has enjoyable references for fans of the original game.

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