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Datamine From Recent Ninjala Open Beta Unveils Story Mode, In-Game Currency, And Sonic Cosmetics

As developer Gungho Online Interactive has promised, the scheduled Open Beta for that approaching Ninjala took place earlier this week. However, many users online experienced online issues when attempting to connect to the game, including myself. While players were still attempting to weasel themselves in for some gameplay, dataminers began to discover what might be hidden beneath the hood of the upcoming title.

According to Twitter users @LeanYoshi and @OatmealDome this past Wednesday, the two share a slew of unannounced aspects for that game that lots of might not have expected. As the game is to be a free-to-play release, it's presumed to a minimum of implement some extent of microtransactions for the title. That said, Jala holds to be the in-game currency as the developer may also be offering a Ninjala Pass as well. The virtual capital can be used on the Gumball machine for items; currency expires uniquely to Japanese players.

In another tweet, the users share information on a 'solo story mode' disconnected in the main battle royale aspect of the game. “Fend from the attacks from the invading space ninja,” the dataminers read after dissecting the source code. The tale is also said to be divided between four separate segments; each can be bought around the Nintendo eShop.

However, the juiciest part of this uncovering happens to be the collaborative items for the game. Namely, there are more than a handful of items which players can obtain from Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog. Which range from decorative masks to vinyl stickers of both the blue hedgehog and antagonizing Dr. Robotnik can be found in the game's files.

Other interesting mentions also involves more multiplayer aspects of Ninjala. That being an unannounced spectator way of users to look at the game from the player's perspective. Another also refers back to the expansive battle royale that is stated to offer variations on each stage between the free-for-all mode or team play as well.

What are you currently most intrigued to understand in the datamine for Ninjala?

Ninjala is placed to produce for Nintendo Turn on May 27, 2022.

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