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Ninjala Now Coming In June As Developer Pushes Release One Additional Month

For the enjoyment that players could get out of the recent open beta for Ninjala recently, that was not too much of a worry as the game would simply be a full month from release later next May. With fans only on hold for a month, it is just a matter of time until everyone will be able to enjoy the free-to-play title from GungHo Online Entertainment.

However, that mentality may have been a tad too optimistic as now user's wait might have been extended by another month. Once we are all aware because of the current global situation concerning the COVID-19 pandemic happening, studios have to follow specific guidelines to guarantee the safety of their employees while simultaneously conjuring their newest task for release.

In a new press release shared through the Japanese team earlier this week, GungHo Online Entertainment shares that due to the precautionary measures applied, Ninjala will now be arriving next June instead.

The studio does reveal that Ninjala is “near completion,” however the ongoing circumstances hinders they from performing efficiently in the last stages of development because the developer “cannot be in the same room.” Scrapping the first May 27 release date towards the third week of June, GungHo Online Entertainment reveals in the press release.

Prior to the announcement, a new report surfaced from dataminers who dissected the game during the open beta to discover unannounced secrets for the title. You who did the deed unearthed that there will be a paid story mode, microtransactions, as well as crossover cosmetics with Sega's Sonic the Hedgehog. You can read the full report by heading here.

Will you be fine waiting the extra month for Ninjala to correctly be finalized?

Ninjala will be launching for Nintendo Switch June24, 2022.

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