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Electronic Arts Confirms "Multiple" Titles Shipping For Nintendo Switch Later This Year In Recent Earnings Call

Looking in the Nintendo Switch library regarding Electronic Arts-published titles, the eShop is lacking in more games from the American publisher. Regardless of the amount of financial wealth that the myriad of projects that ship under the company every year racks in, it does not be shining on Nintendo's side from the pond. However, the firm is aware of might is planning to tackle the system heavily coming later on this season.

During the most recent Earnings Call for the publisher, Ea CEO Andrew Wilson shares to be eager in providing more software to Nintendo's latest iteration. “And we're also likely to deliver for additional Nintendo fans, with multiple EA games set to produce on Nintendo Switch this year,” Wilson expresses around the matter of more support around the platform.

For additional information, it looks that we might curently have an awareness on one title that will be coming because of a post on Twitter. Known insider Liam Robertson shared to become excited for BioWare's Mass Effect 3 to ship to Nintendo Switch inside a post recently.

Before jumping to conclusion based on a tweet, there's some likeliness that the game will hit the Nintendo eShop for Switch. Many might not remember, however the third installment within the Mass Effect series actually released on Nintendo's Wii U back in 2012. And from the current status of Nintendo porting prior generation software to the Switch, it's pretty high as you can tell especially with Mario Kart 8 Deluxe being the most sold property for that platform to date.

Currently, the only real title slated to ship to Nintendo Switch is the upcoming Burnout Paradise Remastered, but that looks to become only the start of a larger wave if Wilson states that “multiple” projects is going to be making its method to the platform within the coming months. This reveal belongs to a larger initiative that goes alongside the recent partnership between Electronic Arts and Google to create more games to recently released Stadia.

In exactly the same Earnings Call, Ea also shared the publisher is likely to ship free updates for next-gen hardware once the new consoles arrive later this year. Read the report in full by heading here.

What Electronic Arts games would you like to see debut on Nintendo Switch?

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