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Funimation Launches New App For Nintendo Switch Today

For Nintendo Switch, the platform's strong point continues to be within the first-party software that Nintendo delivers in bringing annually because the game is slowly approaching its fourth year. However, unlike its competitors, it comes with an abundance of streaming apps missing from the hybrid console handheld. As the firm did welcome Hulu in 2022 to the Switch eShop, other services has yet to do exactly the same.

However, Sony Pictures is likely to change that now with the firm creating a new app for Funimation. Previously, we witnessed Funimation collaborate with the likes of Microsoft & Discord to provide free trials for the anime streaming service in the past, but this is a huge leap for the monthly subscription offering a new audience to its users list.

Not only could it be coming to Nintendo Switch, the app will be the first to debut the new revamped interface that redefines user experience with Funimation. The firm tells the same update may also be applied to other consoles as well in the possible future.

Concerning Nintendo Switch's situation using its lackluster selection of streaming apps, many presume the organization is avoiding the same mistake it created using the Wii U. In contrast to its predecessor, Nintendo readied the machine using the likes of Netflix and Amazon Prime Video, however the device fell flat in reception following its release and not able to meet the legacy of their former, the Nintendo Wii.

More excitingly may be the new interface and touch ups for the Funimation app. However, other firms like Google also needs to take notes. The YouTube app has remained exactly the same since releasing around the Xbox One/PlayStation 4and arrives for an upgrade. You can read our editorial on the situation by heading here.

Are you installing the Funimation app on Nintendo Switch?

Funimation launches today for Nintendo Switch?

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