Forspoken Gets 10 Minutes of recent Combat Gameplay

Forspoken is Square Enix's newest thing with regards to standalone projects using new intellectual properties, and also the studio is slowly but certainly gearing up for that game's October release window. While much about this has already been revealed, there can never be an excessive amount of pre-release gameplay footage out in the wild.

To that end, Game Informer just posted a 10-minute gameplay video featuring Forspoken's combat and mobility skills in ample detail, specifically while managing a PS5 form of the game. The sequence is set inside a broken-down medieval city that plays host to interesting traversal geometry and some curious enemy encounters, giving potential players a solid overview of what it will all boil right down to when the game is out.

It has already been revealed that Forspoken has serious Final Fantasy 15 vibes, and the featured video doubles down on that comparison. Frey, the protagonist of Forspoken, reaches flex all of her magical and parkour muscles in this gameplay demo, blinking interior and exterior combat inside a split second and hopping on walls to get to areas many other games would designate as inaccessible. The demonstrators make particular note of the fact that it's the amount itself that lets players test out combat and mobility features, as the area offers complex geometry for Frey to travel through.

It may be worth mentioning that Forspoken's movement is closer to what one might expect from a Devil May Cry game than anything else. Frey can easily zip around wherever she would like, and the game even lets players gracefully recover from taking damage and get to dishing out visually astonishing spells in a breakneck pace. Affirmed, Forsaken's big enemies can make the game shine, however this gameplay demo plainly shows that Frey's mobility won't be prevented in regular gameplay, either.

Since this specific gameplay showcase focuses primarily on combat and movement skills the protagonist can access, it doesn't appear to be players will receive a better look at whether Forspoken's Frey might be a great gaming heroine before the game actually arrives. Players thinking about Frey herself and lore won't get much using this demo, though that much ended up being to be anticipated, as Square Enix likely desires to keep the narrative mostly under wraps until October.

Some thought that Forspoken will be the star of E3 2022, though now that it's been officially confirmed that E3 2022 wouldn't be happening at all, even digitally, that option has flown the window. If there was any major E3 coverage planned for Forspoken, however, Square Enix is bound to set up media releases and presentations sometime before October. With that in mind, players which have had their interest piqued will probably have much to look toward.

Forspoken launches on October 11th for PC and PS5.

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