Elden Ring Player Tricks Invader By Pretending to be Merchant

Elden Ring gives plenty of opportunities for co-op and competitive gameplay. Players can invite others to their world to help defeat a demanding boss, they can challenge them to a duel, and it’s even easy to invade another user's world to disrupt their progress. Many players decide to engage in the multiplayer component after finishing the sport, and Elden Ring’s PvP meta evolves each and every update.

While some areas prohibit multiplayer gameplay, it’s relatively simple to play Elden Ring with or against others. Players can leave a summon sign and assist the host defeat the boss, or they are able to make use of a Bloody Finger which will transport them to another’s world using the goal of killing the host. Navigating the game’s world is difficult, but battling an invader simultaneously causes it to be even more complicated. However, Elden Ring players are finding clever ways to trick their invaders.

A user named EarlyDescription6576 uploaded a short clip of the trick they used to avoid an invader. It shows them relaxing in a church alongside a bonfire, in the exact spot where merchants sit in Elden Ring. Furthermore, they're fully disguised as a merchant during the time of the invasion. The red phantom hilariously runs beyond the host, and EarlyDescription6576 simply gets up and follows after them. The video ends right at that moment, so EarlyDescription6576 probably got the hop on their opponent.

I am the merchant from Eldenring

The host evidently equipped the Nomadic Merchant's Set to accomplish the trick, and many users are commenting around the steps they'd to consider to have it. The armor can be found in an underground area below Leyndell in Elden Ring, also it can only be obtained after defeating a difficult optional boss. Additionally, this path results in what’s generally considered unhealthy ending of Elden Ring, so users are jokingly judging EarlyDescription6576 for his or her actions.

Fans will also be questioning the decision to kill the original merchant, who had been dressed as Santa, however, there are no negative consequences for killing merchants in Elden Ring. Players can then place their Bell Bearings to Roundtable Hold and buy items from this centralized location.

One user stated that players can see through merchants and NPCs during invasions in Elden Ring, however it seems like the invader was unaware of this detail. Merchants in Elden Ring are also accompanied by a donkey that carries their wares, so it’s even more absurd for that invader not to find anything odd about the scene.

Elden Ring can be obtained now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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