Biomutant – How you can Change Appearance

in the Biomutant When you begin your adventure within this great world, you can alter the main character’s appearance in strange ways. You can freely choose his breed, leading to various appearances and furs, after which assign the available statistic points as you wish. Based on where you actually put them, the character’s physiology changes accordingly, that also adds to the already unique appearance they have. Then you definitely also choose the preferred class, get the standard outfit of the class and explore the world. Let’s see how you are able to alter the appearance again once you dig deeper into Biomutant.

How to change the look of Biomutant

Changing clothes and outfits after you travel isn't so complicated. By obtaining various parts like shoulder pads and pants, you can go to your character’s menu and alter them as you wish. You are able to change to any of the outfits that you have collected up to this point. All of them offer different statistics as well. So try both the hero’s appearance and the benefits you receive out of this bit of clothing.

Aside from clothing, there are other methods for you to improve your appearance after meeting a particular NPC named Trim. Trim offers a few new options that allow you to customize your thing and haircut to your liking. It may take a while to find him, so you’ll be playing the sport for a while with your current looks and of course your clothes. After you’ve “unlocked” the option, you can always go back to “Trim” to obtain a change.

Biomutant can be obtained for PlayStation, Xbox and PC. For more information on the sport, begin to see the rest of the guides here.

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