MLB The Show 22 Players Are Losing Their Marketplace Purchases

While the state release of MLB The Show 22 isn't scheduled until April 5, PlayStation and Xbox users can buy an MVP Edition of the game and get in to the action four days earlier. The sport can be bought by Game Pass subscribers at a special discount, also it includes perks to entice players into taking the leap.

Players who opt into acquiring the game in a special price will get two Gold Choice Packs, ten Show Packs, one Ballplayer Pack, along with Double Daily login rewards and 10k Stubs. Unfortunately, MLB The Show 22 is undergoing some issues right out of the gate, forcing it into two scheduled server maintenance periods in two days.

Just mere hours into MLB The Show 22's early release on April 1, North park Studio was hit with several complaints concerning the mini seasons and marketplace functionality, forcing it into its first server maintenance. It's normal for a game to face some bugs and issues in its first couple of weeks, however the player base was nonetheless upset. Currently, mini seasons isn't functioning the way it should, as several players are reporting cases of winning games but recording a loss in its place, with a few stating they received a "Did Not Finish" result.

The second area of problem is the game's marketplace, where players may use real money to buy packs and obtain items and units for several online modes. Gamers popularized social media to report cases of buying and opening packs, but the items they collect are disappearing from their inventory with no way of recovering them. It's understandable to determine gamers showing frustration towards this problem, as units they buy can be used for modes like Diamond Dynasty, where players can collect rewards for completing sets while using them to shape a group for their in-game strengths.

On April 2, North park Studio announced another server maintenance to deal with both issues, as more players is going to be joining the game within the next few days. MLB The Show 22 hits the Nintendo Switch for the first time, enhancing the volume of people jumping in and aspiring to build an excellent team to compete online. There's a large amount of pressure for that developer to deliver on its promise of being among the best baseball titles ever, not only due to it being offered on all consoles but additionally because of a insufficient baseball action away from gaming world.

MLB The Show 22 releases on April 5 for PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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