NBA 2K22 Releases New Dark Matter Vince Carter Together with Metamorphosis Pack

Fans of NBA 2K22 MyTeam are getting newer and more effective units which are can't miss and obtainable in few different ways. 2K Sports released a new Dark Matter card, in addition to a new series pack available in the marketplace for sale, one week after the From Position series dropped.

The weekly in-game content for NBA 2K22 includes a brand-new series pack titled Metamorphosis and involves several new units for players to gather and employ. Together with it comes an obtainable Dark Matter Vince Carter, and players won't be required to spend anything on it.

The Metamorphosis series features 11 new units, including a Dark Matter Zion Williamson, Galaxy Opal Oscar Robertson, Galaxy Opal Scottie Barnes, and Galaxy Opal Manu Ginobili. Each card can evolve, and with it comes down a brand-new animation to showcase its evolution. Every unit featured within the series possesses good stats and is optimal to use in-game, especially considering remarkable ability to enhance and receive statistical boosts. Players who buy the 20-Pack Box Set are guaranteed a Pink Diamond ranked card but also have the possibility of needing among the new Galaxy Opal units. The series is only available for a limited time, so players will have to be quick with getting the featured units prior to the week concludes.

Also announced, a fresh Dark Matter Vince Carter unit is now available for free and is obtainable through a special challenge. Players can fulfill specific requirements during the challenge and finish his Season 5 mural to claim the unit, and those who have already added him to their collection are praising the caliber of the card. It's the second time a Dark Matter Vince Carter unit continues to be featured, with the first arriving in February. While it isn't the very first time NBA 2K22 released a free Dark Matter unit to gather, it's the first one to feature Carter in a mural-related setting, also it boasts powerful statistics.

Players can collect the unit along with many more by winning games in Triple Threat Online: The 100, Triple Threat Offline, Clutch Time, Unlimited, and Challenges. 2K Sports released a new locker code to celebrate the release of the Metamorphosis pack, and players may use MyTEAM-METAMORPHOSIS-XER8G to acquire special rewards. Using the code gives everyone a totally free Metamorphosis pack, a Diamond Shoe Boost, and five tokens. Combined with the Tim Duncan Challenge released earlier within the week, gamers have the opportunity to stockpile tokens quickly and employ these to collect more units.

NBA 2K22 is available let's focus on PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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