Some Elden Ring Players Are Just Luckier Than the others

Notorious because of its difficulty, From Software’s Elden Ring can be tough for newcomers and soulsborne veterans alike. Intricate combat mechanics meld with harrowing environments to create some truly challenging moments, as well as the solace of the Limgrave, Elden Ring’s starting area, is broken by difficult spikes in the form of flying dragons and Erdtree avatars. One Reddit user, however, seems to have maxed out the non-existent luck stat, inexplicably surviving a fatal fall while exploring Limgrave’s southernmost area.

Posted on the Elden Ring subreddit, u/KidxCryo shared a video clip showcasing their incredible fortune. Following an ill-advised leap of faith behind Castle Morne, the gamer soared through a hole in the fortress’ ceiling and continued on the deadly descent after narrowly neglecting to recover on the rafter. Falling all the way to the chamber’s floor probably would have resulted in a death—not even close to the only hilarious fall-related accident seen to date in Elden Ring—but u/KidxCryo, in a stroke of serendipity, landed on the chandelier and managed to dodge-roll towards the floor and thru the exit before further harm could arrived at them.

As pointed out by more than a few Redditors within the comments, the descent toward Leonine Misbegotten, the area’s boss, is perhaps Castle Morne’s most harrowing section. Redditor u/Baalwolf06 theorizes that the group of rats in the room could have easily stunlocked the gamer following their tremendous fall, a fate shared by many low-level players adventuring through Castle Morne in early stages. Those who followed Elden Ring's pre-release newscycle closely may remember that Castle Morne would be a main issue with a gameplay showcase released in regards to a month ahead of the title’s debut, and, even in those days, it had been clear the location would be rife with traditional Dark Souls-esque trickery such as this.

I shouldn’t have been this lucky.. from Eldenring

Of course, as the game is often deliberately dodgy, potentially-unfortunate moments similar to this may also be cultivated by other players. Leaving messages in inopportune spots, for instance, would be a staple from the Dark Souls online experience, and, as showcased by another Reddit user, trolling players with messages returned in full-force in Elden Ring. Redditor u/xTurki was barred from climbing a ladder because of a message, producing a frustrating death.

Two weeks after launch, Elden Ring recorded the sixth-highest concurrent player count of all time on Steam, and also the game is reported to possess sold in more than 10 million copies on PC alone. With that in mind, goofy events like u/KidxCryo’s outrageous fall likely happen constantly, which speaks volumes of Elden Ring’s gameplay variety.

Elden Ring is currently available for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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