Ghostwire: Tokyo – Hatsuike Shrine Tanuki Location

Ghostwire: Tokyo has a wonderful quantity of side quests and collectibles to get distracted by on the road to defeating Hannya and saving Mari. One of the first side quests the player encounters will introduce these to a lovely Tanuki boss who has become separated from his 25 comrades. This will begin the "Tanuki Hunt" questline, in which the player will have to find them and let them know revisit in charge, however the catch is they have disguised themselves pretty effectively in the wake from the Visitor scourge.

Ghostwire: Tokyo players will have to keep a sharp eye when searching for the hidden Tanuki, who disguise themselves as inanimate objects. The player can note that it's a Tanuki, however, because they have a dead giveaway: their fluffy tail, which protrudes from the rear.

There are many tools in the world open to the player to assist them in their search. Initially, the player can use Spectral Vision to highlight interactive objects within the environment. This can include the Tanuki, using their tail being highlighted in the outline. Players can also browse the thoughts of cats and dogs wandering the streets who will occasionally give clues as to the whereabouts of the furry cousins.

Additionally, some shrines will have an Offering Box, in which the player can leave a donation in exchange for direct location markers into the spotlight, even for Tanuki.

Hatsuike Shrine Tanuki Location

Some shrines may have multiple hidden Tanuki plus some will have none whatsoever. Fortunately, in the case of the Hatsuike Shrine, there is only one. Players will first need to clear the torii gate in order to cleanse the fog and reveal a lot of map.

This torii gate is situated inside a bit of an odd spot, being on the roof of a large building. The road to the rooftop may not be immediately obvious, as there are very few other buildings around for the player to leap from. The steps too will be blocked in the entrances; however, the player is able to bypass behind your building where they should look for a roofed bicycle rack. If the player jumps about this, they can then go into the stairway by vaulting within the wall. Be skeptical of the floating Ghostwire: Tokyo Visitors above.

Once the torii gate continues to be cleansed, the player will find the hidden Tanuki. Fortunately again, this Tanuki is extremely near to the gate. If the player looks down from the fringe of the top from the torii gate facing east, they ought to see a park area. In this park area ought to be a reasonably obvious red rolling chair.

Upon further inspection, the gamer will find that it includes a tail, thus to be the hidden Tanuki. Getting together with it will open a dialogue, and also the Tanuki will reward Ghostwire: Tokyo players with 100 XP and an emote called "Sumo Stance."

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available now for PS5 and PC.

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