10 Items to Know Before Playing Genshin Impact for the First Time

If you enjoy playing open-world action RPGs, then you need to watch over one of the best gaming accomplishments of 2022, the Genshin Impact, because it will consume both you and your free time completely. Jokes aside, but once you experience the amazing realm of Teyvat, you will hardly be able to conceal from its charms, especially since you can play the game on PS4, PC, iOS, and Android supported devices, and the list is going to get bigger in the days in the future. Still, there are certain things to know before playing Genshin Impact for the first time, thus, read the following lines and find out what you should pay special attention to before beginning the game.

1. The Progress

Once you experience the amazing charisma radiating all around the vastness outdoors world of Genshin Impact delivers, you would like to spend time not doing anything else but wandering with no particular goal. In your journey, you will probably find amazing stuff reflected in several hidden secrets, puzzles, and bosses of various levels, and it could be enough to entertain you for hours.

On another hand, even if you might enjoy playing to the max, it's hard to advance in the game without following a main storyline. Namely, the more quests you finish, the greater content you'll unlock. Reasonably, your adventure rank will grow steadily and you'll be able to access additional features as you make progress with the game by doing different quests.

2. Traveling

As we have already mentioned, the characteristics you will be experiencing while roaming outdoors world of Genshin Impact represent a feast to the eye associated with a enthusiastic gamer, but the chances you will require a faster way of travel after a few hours hanging around are major. Fortunately, game developers have been aware of that so that they allowed the players to hurry up things a little bit by interacting with Statues of Seven, Domains, Teleport Waypoints, and other important checkpoints you encounter on your journey. Thus, we counsel you to activate them as soon as you catch sight of these which means you can use them whenever you come in need later on in the game. Trust us, it will help it will save you both your time and effort as well as your nerves.

3. Leveling Up

Even though you may be accustomed to leveling up your character by killing numerous enemies, things function a little differently in Genshin Impact. Even though this particular approach will get you some XP, we advise you to devote your time and effort to go for character XP materials, since the amount of experience you'll gather by obtaining it's incomparably higher. Probably the most secure way for you to get XP materials is as simple as farming the blossoms of revelation.

You will need to beat the enemies spawning in the blossom and will also be rewarded upon dealing with them. The rewards are not free, though, since you must spend some resin in order to access them. Always make sure you level up your most S along with a rank characters first since they will be the ones you will make use of the most as the story unfolds.

4. Ascension

Later on in the game, you'll be able to level up your characters in 3 additional ways. Via ascension, you'll improve your characters level limit, but you will first have to reach a certain Adventure level and utilize things. Also, atLF carry, you can find additional info on how to reach certain heights within few easy steps.

6. Constellation

Both the Traveler along with other characters have their constellations, which assist them to develop or enjoy peculiar perks. Now, to upgrade the Traveler, you must acquire Memories, that is a component you will get by completing certain tasks on your journey. Both Anemo and Geo types of a Traveler have their separate constellations, thus, you will have to find both types of Memories to unlock them.

On another hand, Stellar Fortunas is what you will need to upgrade characters other than Traveler. It's of utter importance that all the other characters get their type of Stellar Fortunas, so upgrading is conditioned using what you discover.

7. Talents

Last but not least are the talents. Namely, you can use them to increase different features of the character's attack, however, you are only able to make use of them when your character has ascended.

8. Weapons Upgrades

Similar to your character's upgrade process, you may also improve your weapon's level cap by ascending your character. Otherwise, you can refine a weapon using identically named materials as many as 5 times, when you may also greatly increase your weapon's level by utilizing enhancement ore or any other weapons as components.

9. Take Your Time

Although developing multiple characters may be something happen to be accustomed to, we counsel you to shift your focus to leveling up solely one major figure in the initial phases from the game. Since we've already explained how characters gain higher levels, sharing all overall crew would be unwise, particularly when you think about how hard it's to come by certain elements. Thus, take your time and evolve your crew slowly but firmly.

10. Resin

Resin is what resembles stamina in other games you might have tried before. You can have as much as 120, and you'll be granted more when you spend it. Unfortunately, you will recover resin really slowly, as slow as you piece every eight minutes. What you can do is transfer your family resin to condensed resin, which will enable you to use it for some activities. Sadly, condensed variation does not work for each feature available, however, you will learn that in the game because you won't utilize it in the early stages. Another thing important to mention is you will be able to participate in the game even though you have zero resin left, only you won't be able to take the lot until your supplies are refiled.

Hopefully, these information and advice will help you get started in Genshin Impact. We are sure you will adore the game as soon as you go into the amazing world of Teyvat, you won't want to leave it that easily, thus, make use of your resin wisely and develop your characters with special attention to make progress fluently and without stalling.

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