Elden Ring Should Let Co-Op Players Progress Through Bosses They've Helped Beat

Just like past FromSoftware games, Elden Ring allows players to cooperatively fight its many bosses over the newly open-world environment. Using the Tarnished's Furled Finger item in hand, players can leave a summon sign that enables others to summon them to their world. The main role for the summoned player is to help their host beat the region boss, then they're rewarded having a specific number of runes and a Rune Arc.

These rewards for successful cooperative play aren't bad at all, however they leave out one crucial thing: Beating the boss in another player's world doesn't count toward beating that same boss in the summoned player's own world. If players want to progress any more in Elden Ring, they need to beat in charge within their world either solo, summoning their co-op partner, or while using summons they brought in themselves. It might make a much more sense for FromSoft to inspire cooperative abide by giving everyone involved more benefits.

The Problem With Solo Progression in Elden Ring

This problem leads tons of users to face outside boss fog walls, waiting for kind Elden Ring players to offer their assistance. Players may have noticed this, as they possibly can see white shades of other players loitering around and leaving messages away from entrance to boss arenas. They might put down their own summon sign, but know that even if they are doing manage to beat in charge in another player's world, they'll have to do it again once they return.

It definitely puts a damper on cooperative play in Elden Ring. Rather than exploring someplace else in the Lands between or progressing further, players who would like assist with a boss need to stand in long queues while others swipe the small number of summon signs located away from boss fog walls. A host can summon as much as two players to assist them, but doing so potentially robs another player of the aid.

Elden Ring Boss Progress Should Continue To Players' Worlds

It would be in the best interest of everybody if players could carry their Elden Ring boss progress while summoned right through to their very own worlds. Not only would this allow more people to advance with the game faster, it would also encourage cooperative activities between players. If players knew they could beat someone else in charge, farm additional runes, and net themselves a Rune Arc along the way, they would be more inclined to lend their help to their fellow Tarnished.

Considering Elden Ring already enables players who've beaten someone else in charge to get summoned to allow them to fight the same boss in another player's world, it wouldn't be very difficult for FromSoftware to integrate a system that further incentivizes cooperation. Doing so would cut down on summon waiting times and push others to finish making their way through Elden Ring's expansive world.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Series X/S.

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