Elden Ring Clip Shows How Some Traps Are Designed to Funnel Players to Surprise Enemy Attacks

The world of Elden Ring can present a number of challenges that may get to be the death of players. Whether it is Elden Ring's difficult bosses or traps that await players in dungeons, there are plenty of ways to die hanging around, particularly if the traps lead to a surprise death.

In some of Elden Ring's dungeons there are a variety of traps that can result in certain doom for gamers. There's also sneaky enemies that sometimes attack from out of view, getting in hits before the player knows what is going on. One gamer fell victim to both, resulting in a very unfortunate death.

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A Redditor through the name Ynoita posted a clip of themselves falling for several traps in a dungeon, that they survive, simply to die from an enemy's surprise attack. Despite the death, the clip ends with Ynoita laughing at the event, leaving the sense that they are experiencing the game despite what just happened. It will help show that gameplay in Elden Ring could get intense, but it is still a game to savor.

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Some of those who commented on the clip criticized Ynoita for falling for the traps and encountering the enemy. Additionally they empathize using the gamer, proclaiming that everybody died in similar ways. However, some liked the fact that despite the unfortunate death, Ynoita was laughing and seemingly enjoying their experience. One commenter states that they are amazed everyone was saying Ynoita was playing Elden Ring wrong if this looked as if he was "using a blast with the game." Another shares they have the same reactions when they die, laughing whenever they fall to something they ought to have experienced coming.

Traps and enemies are not the only way players can die in Elden Ring. Another standard reason for death hanging around is falling. A gamer by the handle PapaOogie uploaded a clip showing themselves dying from a fall in Elden Ring, however the sequence of events are tragic. Within the clip, we see PapaOogie traversing the edge of the cliff simply to fall to what ought to be their death. However, as they are falling, they are summoned into another player's game. They are then informed that the player who summoned them has died, and are delivered back to their world. Once back, they once more find themselves around the cliff. They lose their footing again, falling to their death. It's another unfortunate scenario, but it does help illustrate that there are plenty of ways to die in Elden Ring.

Elden Ring is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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