Destiny 2 Players Voting for Monster or Mech Armor Sets

For Destiny 2's Festival from the Lost event in 2022 it held a poll to decide which Halloween skins it ought to reward players with. The themes for the armor sets were either Dinosaurs or Monsters, which dinosaurs won with a healthy 81% of the vote. Now Bungie looks toward the following Festival of the Lost and it's once more asking Destiny 2 players to vote for their preference between two armor sets. This year's themes for Destiny 2's Halloween armor sets will be the returning Monsters and the new Mechs set.

Both the Monsters and Mechs teams of armor are teased having a bit of concept art, as only after one wins will Bungie dedicate the resources into actually making the set. The Mechs set implies that Bungie was heavily inspired by Gundam with its designs, though no single set is specifically comparable to a Gundam — likely for legal reasons. Bungie does specifically state that they're mobile suits, though.

As for that Monsters, Bungie players who participated in the poll in 2022 will be somewhat familiar. The designs from 2022 have been updated, but still have a similar themes. There's a Titan cyclops, a Warlock naga, and a Hunter dragon skin. The Destiny 2 Hunter skin is different the most and now has a cloak that looks like a dragon's tail. Obviously, the poll for 2022's Festival from the Lost ought to be much closer than last year's.

Those interested in taking part in the poll will have to ensure that they're signed up via Bungie's official website and approve emails. Next, they'll need to connect their Bungie profile to their platform of choice, may it be the PlayStation Network, Xbox Live, Steam, or otherwise. Players should then receive an email for the poll on April 7 or after.

Polls for that Festival from the Lost contest will officially end on April 13, so Destiny 2 players will have a limited amount of time to submit their choice. Bungie apparently wants to have the poll ended quickly so it can get to operate. Those who do participate will get a unique reward, a Broken Barriers emblem that will be sent out on April 19.

While the poll can finish quickly, the outcomes won't arrive for some time. Bungie will probably hold back until the Halloween armor set is completed and it's prepared to reveal the entire Festival from the Lost event later this season. It's a little Halloween cheer at the begining of spring for Destiny 2 players.

Destiny 2 can be obtained now on PC, PS4, PS5, Stadia, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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