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Report: Nintendo Scheduling To Ship A brand new Switch Model In 2022 With More Power & 4K Support

As of reporting, Nintendo Switch is and is constantly on the shake the video game market using the sheer success from the platform with just a little over 3 years under its belt. By reporting this August, the console is penned to be most widely used system up to now for the entirety of 2022 as told by The NPG Group. Howbeit, this biggest surprise of the Switch's commercial performance comes from the limited hardware as opposed to its competitors.

While the console/handheld does offer standard resolution and performance for many games, it does not hit the higher benchmarks that be located on the Xbox One X or PlayStation 4 Pro. And even though it is not entirely essential to reach these presumed quotas for games, it will baffle many as one example of that the overall market doesn't ask for more with regards to the Nintendo Switch.

And while the base system did get an updated CPU and hang of storage chips to provide more preferable performance with a longer life of the battery, a unit nearer to the opposing console has yet to exist. But in a new report from Economic News Daily, a Taipei-based publication transcribed by Gaming Chronicles, the newspaper pens that a new model is underway for a 2022 release.

Exciting as it might be, people who follow the trail of news all around the Nintendo Switch last year might recall a report suggesting a newer line of devices to ship alongside the base system. While the one was later revealed to become the Nintendo Switch Lite that found its way to September, the latter beefier SKU never saw the light of day well over annually because the initial reporting.

Taken in the recent report, it is strongly recommended the unannounced Nintendo Switch variant will offer more intuitive “interactivity” alongside a change to the hardware's image display. On top of a more capable unit with additional computing power than the base model, the unnamed Switch can also be marked hitting 4K resolution too.

Gathered from Bloomberg, the opening pens to be corroborating with the initial report and adds that Switch user will find titles striking the visual benchmark on the newer model. Takashi Mochizuki elaborates that the planning for a new system could explain the current drought of first-party releases for Nintendo Switch with an abundance planned to reach the same time frame as the new hardware.

What would you aspire to see from the supposed beefier Nintendo Switch?

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