Ghostwire: Tokyo – Kuo Shrine Tanuki Locations

Much like every other modern open-world game, Ghostwire: Tokyo has plenty of side quests and collectibles round the map to distract players from the main mission. Early in the sport, Akito will encounter Tanuki Boss, who'll give them a collection-oriented side mission. The quest involves tracking down all 25 Tanuki that got separated from the boss once the Visitors started appearing.

In Ghostwire: Tokyo, the Tanuki Boss will inform players that, because of the Visitor scourge, the Tanuki have gone into hiding to avert being discovered. Tanuki be capable of disguise themselves as just about any inanimate object in the world, but players need not fret as they have a dead giveaway to eliminate the illusion: their fluffy tail.

How to Find Tanuki in Ghostwire: Tokyo

Players possess a numerous options with regards to locating Tanuki. First, they could use the Spectral Vision ability, which highlights any interactive objects in the nearby vicinity. This will be the case with Tanuki too, which will be highlighted as whatever object they are disguised as, although the outline includes the tail for simple identification.

Akito can also be able to browse the thoughts of cats and dogs that wander the streets and alleys of Tokyo. By reading their thoughts, the player will be able to acquire some clues regarding the whereabouts of the furry fiends if thererrrs a one nearby.

Alternatively, players can also directly pin the Tanuki location into the spotlight by offering the utmost donation towards the respective Offering Box. The gamer ought to keep in your mind though that it will only apply for Tanuki within its respective border. For that Kuo Shrine, there's two Tanuki.

Kuo Shrine First Tanuki Location

The very first Tanuki are available by heading south in the shrine map marker. The gamer should travel up to the edge from the southern border. The player should eventually stumble upon Shibuara Park. This is where the Tanuki is going to be located, and it will be disguised as a playground panda ride. When the player interacts with it, it will reveal the Tanuki, who will provide the player with 100 XP as well as an emote called "My Right Hand Hungers."

Kuo Shrine Second Tanuki Location

The 2nd Tanuki is a tad trickier to locate, as accessing the area that is hiding will need players to accomplish a good little bit of the primary story. They'll need to make sure that they're through to chapter 4 before they begin looking for this Tanuki. It will be located east and slightly south from the shrine map marker. There is an overpass, and if the gamer goes beneath it, they ought to stumble upon a Jizo Statue underneath the overpass slightly adjacent to the Luster-Loving Nekomata.

Just south from the Wind Jizo Statue, you will see a side quest called "A complete House." Around the top from the building that this quest is within front of is how the Tanuki can be found. Once players have cleared the Visitors, they must be capable of finding the Tanuki easily, because it is a glowing sign with a tail. Once the player interacts by using it, it'll give them 100 XP similar to the 4g iphone, as well as the "Umbrella" emote.

Ghostwire: Tokyo is available let's focus on PS5 and PC.

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