Ghostwire: Tokyo – Kamio Shrine Tanuki Location

Like most other modern sandbox games, Ghostwire: Tokyo has a good amount of side quests and collectibles for players to obtain lost in outside the game's main story missions. One particular side quest are available in early stages in the game and sees players being given a unique task with a talking Tanuki.

Boss Tanuki will give Ghostwire: Tokyo players the "Tanuki Hunt" side mission, which requires these to find 25 Tanuki that the boss has lost tabs on. He'll inform them that because of the Visitor invasion, the Tanuki have disguised themselves as inanimate objects to avoid detection. This will make it as much as Akito and KK to discern their disguises and reveal the Tanuki hiding throughout Shibuya. Fortunately for players, their disguises cannot mask their furry tails, which still extend from the Tanuki no matter what object they're disguised as.

How to locate Tanuki in Ghostwire: Tokyo

There are lots of viable methods for finding Tanuki in Ghostwire: Tokyo. First, the player has the capacity to make use of the Spectral Vision ability, that will highlight every object that's interactive in the player's immediate vicinity, including any hidden Tanuki. The player can also be in a position to locate various dogs and cats that wander the streets and alleys and read their thoughts, which will often reveal clues concerning the whereabouts of any Tanuki hiding nearby, if applicable.

Alternatively, players will find the exact location of a Tanuki by using an Offering Box. If they donate the maximum amount (500 Meika), the precise location of the Tanuki is going to be revealed on the map. However, players should keep in your mind that this is only going to work with a Tanuki within the respective border. There's additionally a short cooldown on offering boxes.

How to Find the Kamio Shrine

The Kamio Shrine is a little a hassle to pay off, so players should make sure they go in prepared with sufficient consumables and Ether to carry their very own. When the torii gate is clear and also the player cleanses it, they will have access to the area ahead, and therefore, the Tanuki hiding therein.

There is an Offering Box available, but players shouldn't need to use it. They should instead head southwest from the shrine marker, where they should eventually encounter a Netsuke Collector Nekomata. If the player goes next door and into the shrine to the immediate left, they ought to locate an inconspicuous red Daruma having a tail poking from its behind. Upon getting together with it, the Tanuki will be revealed, and it will supply the player with some dialogue related to the quest. Like other Tanuki in Ghostwire: Tokyo, it will also provide players with 100 XP as well as the "Sit 2" emote.

Ghostwire: Tokyo can be obtained now for PS5 and PC.

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