Elden Ring Players Speculate About Radahn's Missing Feet

Many consider Elden Ring to be From Software’s most approachable game. It’s more user friendly than most other open-world games, with an excellent fast travel system you can use almost anywhere on the map. Elden Ring also features several shortcuts and checkpoints, preventing loss of progress and allowing players to retry encounters with no issues.

However, Elden Ring continues to be a difficult game and it has probably the most challenging bosses in any From Software title. While most of the hardest boss fights are saved for late-game areas, Starscourge Radahn provides a massive roadblock midway through the game. This isn’t a standard boss fight, as it’s balanced around players summoning several NPCs to help take him down. Radahn also offers an unusual design, and lots of players are now discussing an amazing detail about his feet.

As observed in the image uploaded by Tripledoble, Elden Ring's General Starscourge Radahn does not have feet, and players are speculating about what happened to them. Most fans appear to agree that Scarlot Rot may be the root cause of his missing feet, with one user giving examples of other important characters with missing limbs. Some users also think that years of dragging his feet through sand while riding a laughingly small horse probably did this to him.

Does anyone know why Radhan doesn’t have feet? Lore? from Eldenring

Elden Ring has profound lore, and there's probably some info hidden away in an item’s description that hints at a potential reason behind Radahn's missing feet. A fan similarly discovered a connection between the Golden Order Greatsword and Dark Moon Greatsword hidden in their descriptions, also it appears like Elden Ring’s lore is a topic of discussion for months in the future.

On launch, General Radahn was one among the most challenging and annoying bosses in Elden Ring. Many think it is an unfair fight, so From Software later released an update that nerfed Radahn and implemented other balance changes. Radahn now does less damage and is more prone to target the NPCs in the area, however, many fans want the developer to reverse this transformation as they think the Radahn fight has become way too easy.

Players could possibly get to Radahn by either progressing through Ranni’s questline or activating the Grand Lift of Dectus. Radahn is ultimately an optional boss, but defeating him unlocks a massive underground area filled with terrifying enemies and valuable items. They also get Remembrance from the Starscourge, which may be exchanged at Roundtable Hold for either the Starscourge Greatsword or even the Lion Greatbow.

Elden Ring has gone out now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X.

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