Elden Ring Rykard Boss Has Unique Animation Players Will Only See Under Certain Conditions

One of the few direct instructions Elden Ring will give towards the player is they must collect Great Runes from powerful bosses being Elden Lord. Elden Ring has seven of these Great Runes to gather, although 3 have to complete the primary story. Finding a few of these Shardbearer bosses is going to be not difficult, as the game’s progression will advice the player towards them. Others, however, tend to be more difficult to discover.

One from the harder Great Rune holder bosses to locate without a guide is Rykard, who resides in Elden Ring's Volcano Manor at Mt. Gelmir. This can be a location players will only discover later in the game and presents the player with an invasion side quest to complete before they are considered worthy enough to see Rykard.

Upon completing this side quest, players are reminded that the only piece of Rykard they’ve seen in the sport to date was him being eaten with a snake in the game's opening cutscene, as the first phase of Elden Ring's Rykard boss fight is from the God-Devouring Serpent, which Rykard is controlling from the inside. Throughout the boss fight, Rykard will mention consuming the gamer character to develop in power, and a fan on Reddit has discovered a secret animation revealing this isn't empty threat.

Rykard can eat you should you die by his grab from Eldenring

The God-Devouring Serpent phase from the Rykard boss fight suitably relies on a lot of striking attacks using the snake’s huge mouth. Many of these attacks can become devastating grab attacks if the player is caught in the wrong place. Reddit user Dallolz has shared a clip revealing when one of these grab attacks kills the gamer, the large serpent will swallow them. Within the many strangely funny moments in Elden Ring, the snake will fling the gamer in the environment before snapping its jaw closed like Captain Hook being swallowed by the crocodile in Peter Pan.

As an additional bit of detail, the camera will then find the serpent’s body as if still following the player’s location. FromSoftware is known for adding tiny visual details to the games that players may completely miss. The Rykard Boss fight is filled with FromSoftware visual flair, in the arena to the unique boss design, however, many players think that it falls down slightly in one area.

Rykard’s Boss fight continues to be compared to Yhorm the Giant’s fight from Dark Souls 3, in that the player may use a specific weapon based in the boss arena to complete massive damage to in charge. FromSoftware games are renowned for difficult boss fights which challenge the player as well as their selection of play style. These specific boss-killing weapons are often seen by some players as trivializing what could have been a significantly harder and more rewarding fight.

Elden Ring can be obtained on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.

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