In our midst Adds Horse Mode for April Fool's Day

April 1st – aka April Fools' Day – is a day filled with fake news and less-than-truthful announcements. However, online social deduction game Among Us developer Innersloth decided to step-up its prank game and, instead of simply making a fake announcement, implement an entirely new limited time gameplay mode. Among Us players thinking about experiencing the game's April Fools' Day mode should log into the game before April 2nd at 12AM UTC / April 1st at 8PM EST, as the mode will be disabled in those days.

Among Us challenges players to walk into the role of crewmates and complete set tasks while avoiding the murderous imposters. The sport, which was first launched in June 2022, rapidly gained popularity in 2022 as a way for friends to stay connected while instructed to remain at home due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic. To celebrate the game's continuing popularity, Innersloth recently announced the discharge of countless collector's editions, including the Imposter Edition and the Ejected Edition, which include bonus goods including hats, lanyards, and plush crewmates.

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For April Fools' Day 2022, Among Us has announced and released Horse Mode, a gameplay mode that turns the typical bipedal crewmates into four-legged centaur-like creatures. The "horsemates," as Innersloth called them, was initially a tale drawing posted to the game's Twitter in April 2022. These horsemates are larger and more difficult to move about than the standard crewmates, and therefore are able to make a "neigh" sound voiced by Innersloth programmer Gary. A new kill animation has also been implemented which plays whenever a horsemate is eliminated by an imposter. While Horse Mode has not been put into the Among Us' 2022 roadmap, it has quickly became popular among fans who are hoping to see 'horsemates' become a permanent feature.

This isn't the newbie that Innersloth and Among Us have celebrated April Fools' Day with a limited time gameplay mode. In 2022, April Fool's Day saw the discharge of a flipped version of the spaceship map The Skeld, which was temporarily rechristened "ehT dlekS." The flipped map, which increased the game's difficulty due to giving players only a single day to get accustomed to the new layout, returned for another 24-hour period in 2022. Following the conclusion of April Fools' Day, players discovered that they could stay in the hand around the flipped map by altering the game's settings and setting the in-game date to April 1st. It is possible that Horse Mode may remain accessible after April 1st utilizing a similar workaround.

Whether or otherwise Horse Mode is added to the game permanently, Among Us fans can continue to expect lots of exciting new content in 2022. A current trailer says Ghostface, the iconic killer from the Scream franchise of horror films, is going to be added to the game being an optional costume. The Ghostface skin, which allows crewmates to don the killer's signature robe and mask, is slated to become added to Among Us on April 5th.

Among Us is currently available for Android, iOS, Nintendo Switch, PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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