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Far Cry 6 QR Codes Possibly Teasing a New Multiplayer Game

QR codes are scattered around the Long way away 6 map, and one instance possibly teases a brand new franchise multiplayer game. There are just a couple of days until its October 7 launch, but YouTubers and preview players have already spotted interesting Easter eggs around the island of Yara – the game's open world. Early Far Cry 6 reviews pegged the game like a familiar island adventure akin to other installments within the Far Cry franchise; even though the development of powerful makeshift weapons and animal companions adds new elements to the experience, the game is considered an iterative and interesting installment.

Ubisoft's latest title is really a paid AAA knowledge about the inclusion of expansion packs and DLC. However, the company has previously revealed its curiosity about engaging with the free-to-play market, with Ubisoft creating a games-as-a-service model that has been essentially absent from the product lineup. The model would place a higher value on microtransactions, DLC, and other expansions – instead of the traditional AAA pricing model as observed in Far Cry 6. Ubisoft has been known to function out large-scale, single-player experiences, but a change in the pattern might be closer than previously expected. Keen eyes have uncovered a possible tease at a Long way away experience in an alternate vein.

YouTuber JorRaptor (via Game titles Chronicle) discovered a suggestive teaser while playing Long way away 6 ahead of its official launch. During their play sessions, JorRaptor noticed QR codes around Yara, including one on crates at an FND base in Costa Del Mar. When scanned with a real smartphone, the QR code links to some six-second video that possibly teases in a new multiplayer game. The recording shows a map that seems reminiscent of Far Cry 4, using what appears to be a Sky Shrine marker as well as other animal coins with predators on the top. On the map are also three red arrows that could potentially represent players, leading JorRaptor to believe the map belongs to a multiplayer Far Cry experience that may even be a free-to-play battle royale set in exactly the same universe.

The six-second video could mean several things, for example an update for previous Far Cry games that permit more than two players to cooperate at one time. The franchise has previously limited multiplayer experiences, which means this might be a hint at a Far Cry 4 update that expands on in-game cooperation. JorRaptor's theory, however, does hold a few pounds, as Ubisoft confirmed its curiosity about the free-to-play market.

With a franchise built around survival, it's certainly plausible that the six-second video is teasing at a battle royale set in the various Far Cry locales with PvE elements in addition to PvP. At the moment, though, there's no way to tell exactly what the video means. However, printed next to the Far Cry 6 QR codes around the crates is the number 1024, which could indicate an announcement on October 24. Until Ubisoft reveals more, these ideas are simply speculations.

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