Control 2 Might Involve the Search for Casper Darling

Remedy Entertainment states that it's begun focus on a sequel to Control, which is great news. As the ending of the first game brings Jesse's search for her brother Dylan to some close, the sport leaves a lot of doors open overall. The threat from the Hiss hasn't been stopped entirely after the game; there's a good chance that Control fans might find them batting with this mysterious hostile force later on. There's also quite a few Control characters who could still inspire compelling new plot lines for only using a limited impact on the first game's story.

Dr. Casper Darling is one of these characters. Control fans will remember Dr. Darling because the Bureau's former Head of Research, frequently appearing in videos scattered throughout the Oldest House that explained the Bureau's work and discoveries. While Darling's work had a major effect on Control's plot and supporting characters, Darling himself will not make any appearances in Control, and his fate after the sport is unknown. Control 2 could change that. Jesse is likely to face another overwhelming supernatural threat in the upcoming game, and therefore she may need Darling's assistance to save the Bureau and the world.

Darling's Potential Role

Although Control makes it clear that humanity struggles to understand the planet beyond Earth, Darling is constantly enthusiastic about his tries to read the supernatural forces alongside all of those other Bureau. Notably, Darling's research saves the Bureau from total destruction; without the HRAs that he created, the Hiss would've destroyed the Bureau and certain begun taking control of the whole planet before Jesse even arrived. While Darling's presence is felt, he is never witnessed. No more Control implies that Darling left Earth's dimension when he communed using the mysterious Hedron right before the Hiss infiltrated the Bureau.

There's no knowing if a human like Darling can survive in the strange cosmos of Control, but at the very least, Control doesn't explicitly say that Dr. Darling is dead. Since the Bureau has ventured into other realities before, it's feasible that Darling is currently traveling across the multiverse and seeing the worlds he dreamt about understanding for thus many years. Because of these journeys, Darling might have learned a lot of valuable reasons for the field of Control. If Jesse needs to learn more about the Hiss or any other cosmic threat in Control 2, then it might make sense if she attempted to find Dr. Darling, using him like a source of knowledge when confronting the unknown.

Building Control 2 Around Darling

Control 2 could definitely obtain a lot from a Darling-heavy narrative. Jesse's search could physically take her to some variety of different dimensions that Darling traveled to with Hedron's help, which could introduce lots of interesting new enemies or allies from over the cosmos, as well as mind-bending settings that put various twists on Control combat and exploration. Alternatively, Jesse may never meet Darling face to face. Instead, she could search for a method to reach him with the Hotline. This Object of Power can deliver messages from all types of extradimensional beings, and if Darling continues to be communing with the cosmos for very long enough, then Jesse could possibly connect with him through it.

Darling appears like an invaluable resource that may shed lots of light around the Control world and the next game's plot. As a human that has experienced alternate realities, he could behave as a perfect bridge of understanding between your Bureau and also the dimensional breaches they study and combat. Whatever Control 2 holds for Jesse and her Bureau allies, Darling will have a highly positive effect on their mission. It's possible to only wonder what form Darling usually takes at this point time outside reality, though.

A sequel to Control is in development.

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