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The Best Multiplayer Map In Every Cod Game (At Launch)

With an annual installment released within the autumnal months of every year since 2005, Call of Duty has changed into an undeniably dominant force within the video game industry. Bolstered by its ever-popular multiplayer mode, the basic Call of Duty formula has, on the whole, scarcely changed in over 15 years.

Engaging in gunfights against other players holds a kind of timeless appeal, but a lot of the continued success of Call of Duty's multiplayer mode could be attributed to map design. From the original Modern Warfare to Vanguard, almost every multiplayer CoD has some memorable online battlegrounds.

Call of Duty (2003) – Carentan

It's a bit too early to decide which of Call of Duty: Vanguard's sixteen launch maps is the greatest, but at the minimum, Hotel Royal appears to be probably the most unique. Set in a ritzy Parisian penthouse restaurant, Hotel Royal comes with an awesome aesthetic, even though it does not deviate far from the typical three-lane motif, it differs enough from the game's other maps to feel distinct.

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