Abandoned Developer Responds to Cancellation Rumors

Blue Box's Abandoned has been in active conversation since its first announcement. Following months of near-silence, it had been rumored the game may be canceled by the studio. Recently, Blue Box issued a statement regarding the status of Abandoned.

Back in April 2022, Blue Box Game Studios announced Abandoned, a survival horror game that was originally likely to launch throughout the fourth quarter of the same year. Although initially setup like a PS5 exclusive, the studio later confirmed a PC port also in development. But following miscommunication and often the possible lack of communication whatsoever, fans were left frustrated and wrongly identified as regard as to the to anticipate from Abandoned. Some speculate that Blue Box might cancel the title altogether, a sentiment that's amplified using the studio deleting tweets about Abandoned's future. However, a recent statement in the company states otherwise.

In response to the surrounding rumor concerning the game being canceled, Blue Box says it's false and that Abandoned is still in development. The studio claims that it's currently working on the sport reveal through the Abandoned PS5 Realtime Experience app an internet-based channels. The statement further reads that despite initial plans of the Q1 2022 reveal, both reveal and also the Abandoned: Prologue launch have been delayed because of development challenges. "We will release Abandoned: Prologue when its stable, good and prepared," says Blue Box.

With development dating back to 2022, Abandoned was initially announced for a Q4 2022 launch, managing to generate a large amount of excitement and conversation from fans. However, the months to come the announcement weren't an even ride for Blue Box. In August 2022, the organization revealed its PS5 Realtime Experience app, which was met with mixed reviews. Afterward, Blue Box went silent on the game's status, until the Abandoned development update in December indicated a 2022 launch.

So far, fans only have been treated to an underwhelming Abandoned PS5 teaser, a content-lacking real-time experience app, along with a selection of conspiracy theories surrounding its story. Having a game reveal not yet been unveiled, topped using the company's miscommunications, Blue Box's credibility is looking more questionable along with expectations for that game. Which means that the studio's eventual content will have to deliver good enough to obtain fans excited about the sport again. As to when that Abandoned launch is going to be, time will tell.

Abandoned is in development for PC and PS5.

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