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Halo Infinite Cross Platform: How Multiplayer Cross-Play Works

Microsoft shadow dropped the multiplayer mode for Halo Infinite for fans around the world, but will the game feature cross-play across its available platforms? The single-player campaign won't launch until December 8, and Halo Infinite's co-op campaign mode will arrive later, but players can enjoy the online multiplayer modes now.

The multiplayer mode for Halo Infinite was released during the 20th Anniversary celebrations for the series and also the Xbox line as a whole. As is to be expected, the sudden launch of the multiplayer mode caused numerous issues. The servers for Halo Infinite went down on the first day, because of the sheer number of players looking to get online. Halo Infinite quickly beat the concurrent player record on Steam for an Xbox Game Studios title, with over a quarter of a million players jumping online to do battle.

Halo Infinite is on three platforms: PC, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S. Microsoft's method of generations has ensured that previous-gen users will not be omitted in the cold. This enhances the question of whether Halo Infinite is cross-play across its multiple platforms, especially because of the aging technology from the Xbox One line of systems.

Does Halo Infinite Multiplayer Have Cross-Play For PC & Xbox Consoles

Halo Infinite does indeed have cross-play between all its platforms. This means that individuals will have the ability to play the game with everybody else who owns it. There's also a cross-progression system in position for the multiplayer, which means that people will have the ability to keep their content and progress across all platforms. This information was confirmed captured, in a post on the Halo Waypoint Blog. The multiplayer in Halo Infinite is free-to-play, so monetization of cosmetics is going to be a fundamental part of the sport going forward. This means players can keep their rewards on a single account that's shared across multiple platforms.

The fact that Halo Infinite has cross-play implies that the potential audience for the game is big, especially due to the multiplayer mode being free-to-play. Halo Infinite is also on Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, which means that men and women without an Xbox system or gaming PC can stream it, opening the mobile market to the sport. Once Microsoft gets cloud gaming focusing on smart TVs, heaven is the limit for those who wish to play Halo Infinite online.

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