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Exactly what a Zelda: BOTW Multiplayer Mod Could Seem like

When it released in 2022, The Legend of Zelda: Breath from the Wild was an immediate hit, and has enjoyed tremendous longevity thanks to the speed running and modding communities, but a multiplayer mod for that open world adventure game has not yet been developed. The idea of playing with a buddy is a common “what if” for open world games, especially ones which are already susceptible to plenty of modding like Skyrim and Fallout 4. The physics playground that's Breath of the Wild already lets player enter into all sorts of whacky antics, but running around Hyrule with a few friends could be even more fun.

Turning a single player game into a multiplayer experience is tremendously difficult, and Breath from the Wild's design brings up a variety of potential issues. What goes on when one player enters an old Shrine, or starts a cutscene? Does the bullet time while using a bow in mid-air effect all players? Will BOTW require more enemies to make combat fair, and can the game handle more models on screen? Can the terrain and textures load properly if players visit opposite sides of the map? BOTW was entirely designed for a single player, and there's no telling the way the game will react once a few more are set loose.

A multiplayer mod hasn't been created for BOTW out of deficiencies in interest – actually, YouTuber and Twitch streamer PointCrow has offered $10,000 to the mod developer that can make it happen. This is a respectably sized bounty, but the mod won' doubt take a moment, if it's even possible. PointCrow's stipulations outline a rather thorough vision for a BOTW multiplayer mod, without only requirements for claiming the bounty, but also an idea of how the mod should function as a game.

Possible Multiplayer Features For Breath Of The Wild

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