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Zelda: Ocarina of your time Gets Co-Op Multiplayer Thanks To Fan

Players can now tackle The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of your time with friends after a fan and developer added co-op multiplayer to an already extensive mod. The Unreal Engine fan remake of Ocarina of your time created by CryZENx was completed this past December after many years of work, and brings a lot of what made the original title a vintage into high-end, modern graphical splendor along with a few additional features.

While the Legend of Zelda franchise is mainly noted for sprawling single-player adventures, Nintendo has officially dabbled with multiplayer on a few occasions for its renowned fantasy series. Probably the most recognizable of those attempts is The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords, that was originally released along with A Connect to yesteryear for that Game Boy Advance. It's mostly of the times players each got to play as Link simultaneously, since many other kinds of co-op throughout the Zelda series appear as limited gameplay mechanics. Now, however, arguably the most well-received Zelda title of all time has a means for players to engage in co-op invoking similar suggestions to Four Swords.

A new video from CryZENx showcases a lot more than twenty full minutes of co-op multiplayer gameplay within their Unreal Engine Zelda: Ocarina of Time mod. It covers a few of the introductory Kokiri Forest area up to the first main boss of the Deku Tree dungeon. Link is also not the only playable option, because it appears different Zelda character skins can also be found. From the recording, it would appear that only one player controls what is equipped at any given time with the pause menu, though this doesn't detract from what's an impressive accessory for an already impressive fan-made upscale. Those interested can support CryZENx on Patreon for use of updates and also the mod itself.

The desire to have multiplayer co-op in Zelda appears to growing, and not just for older games within the series. After last year, a substantial multiplayer bounty was made with a Breath of the Wild player and content creator who wanted the feature implemented into Nintendo's open-world installment. The financial incentive actually worked, and prompted fan growth and development of this type of mod beginning at the start of 2022.

While it is still by no means a focus for the franchise, Nintendo may want to consider dabbling again with a multiplayer component later on Zelda titles. The need is clearly there with fans taking it upon themselves to add the gameplay mechanic with a of their favorite installments. When the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of your time multiplayer mod proves successful, then that might be a good enough signal for Nintendo to at least provide an component of multiplayer co-op for titles moving forward.

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