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Chaotic Car Game (With Multiplayer) Really wants to Know If You Suck at Parking

Developer Happy Volcano just unleashed the first information regarding You Suck at Parking's chaotic multiplayer mode. which will allow up to eight players to participate around the top-down experience. You Suck at Parking differs from other high-octane racing games in that the ultimate goal would be to stop. Users can still dash, drift, and bulldoze their method to victory, however the real challenge rests in creating any halt at designated parking spots.

Happy Volcano announced the racing title last summer, alongside a minute-long reveal trailer that showcased just a few of the myriad parking challenges players will discover themselves facing. Along with parking mechanics becoming the center of attention, You Suck at Parking also differentiates itself from typical racing titles because of its physics-based maps, obstacle courses full of hazardous tricks and traps of all types. The development team hasn't unveiled anything else concerning the project since its August 2022 reveal, but the latest update is sure to raise a fair few eyebrows.

You Suck at Parking serves as another 2022 racing game that fans of the genre will want to keep their eye on, especially since newly shared multiplayer details from Happy Volcano hint in an online experience filled with frenetic fun. The eight-player multiplayer mode allows users to drive one another bananas, with everyone jockeying for a chance to reach the same goal. Gameplay footage featured in the below multiplayer trailer teases what players can get of your stuff Suck at Parking if this hits consoles and PC sometime this season.

Happy Volcano's You Suck at Parking will launch with a host of features in tow. In addition to the eight-player online mode, players can unlock Car Keys and Parking Tokens, which offer use of new cars and customization options, respectively. Global leaderboards serve as another noteworthy aspect of the racer. The expansion crew can also be taking pointers in the industry's love of live-service games, with plans in place to regularly unleash new biomes, tracks, customization features, and cars.

Racing game aficionados have enjoyed a treasure chest of recent experiences in recent months. From F1 2022 and Hot Wheels Unleashed to Forza Horizon 5 and the recently released Gran Turismo 7, the genre boasts an abundance of worthwhile tracks for players to navigate. And much more titles will launch before this year concludes, such as the likes of Test Drive Unlimited Solar Crown, Dakar Desert Rally, and MX vs ATV Legends.

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