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Last People 2 Multiplayer: Microtransaction Mistakes It Must Avoid

In the lead-up to The Last people Part 2's multiplayer debut, game developer Naughty Dog has posted a brand new job listing that shows the inclusion of an in-game store, microtransactions, and the game possibly being free-to-play, but there are specific things it has to avoid if TLOU2's multiplayer will be successful. Naughty Dog is yet to reveal much concerning the standalone multiplayer game it's making, but other live-service games, like Marvel's Avengers, illustrate what not implement microtransactions. They're essential for many multiplayer titles to sustain their live-service elements, but may they can negatively impact gameplay.

The Last of Us series is really a PlayStation exclusive, using one of the most successful in Sony's first-party library. The series became one of the most awarded in gaming history, with The Last people Part 2 receiving dozens of Game of the Year awards and nominations. Fans have developed a powerful fascination and love with the series' skillfully crafted post-apocalyptic world and characters, with Joel and Ellie arguably being two of the most iconic PlayStation characters ever created. As a result, many are wanting to see what a Last of Us 2 free-to-play multiplayer game may be like.

Not expensive is known about The Last people Part 2’s multiplayer game, though a recent job listing may shed some light on what to expect. Employment listing on Naughty Dog's website has announced that the studio looks to employ a Senior Monetization/Economy Designer. Your opportunity states the position will “embark on Naughty Dog’s newest adventure – the studio’s first standalone multiplayer game”. Even though it is in a roundabout way stated in the job listing what game it is going to be for, it seems most likely so that it is related to The Last of Us. Previous job listings have strongly hinted that TLOU2's multiplayer is a standalone game, although this recent one also goes on to mention that the role will “develop a strategic and opportunistic plan for the development of in-game items and driving regular updates to the in-game store.”

Last Of Us 2 Multiplayer Microtransactions – What Could Go Wrong

Recent years have seen big game companies releasing titles like Apex Legends, Fortnite, Halo Infinite, and Valorant as free-to-play experiences. Microtransactions are crucial for the longevity of every of those games, with each using a loot box or battle pass system. Premium cosmetics can also be acquired with real-world currency, with games like Rainbow Six Siege preferring this model to sustain ongoing content drops. That said, Naughty Dog should avoid including any in its multiplayer game because different countries have taken stricter stances towards loot boxes. For example, both Belgium & Holland now classify loot boxes as illegal gambling. By not having loot boxes in TLOU2's rumored multiplayer game, Naughty Dog would ensure its live service elements could be fairer than in other titles.

There's also the issue of ensuring that premium cosmetics remain true to the game's world. The Last of Us is an incredibly dark and gritty game series. If Naughty Dog includes cosmetic components of the standalone multiplayer game, the things must avoid making the game feel immature and clownish. Players running around in neon pink tracksuits and sombreros inside a post-apocalyptic zombie horror action game should be considered a non-starter. The problem of outlandish cosmetics has recently affected Battlefield 2042, as its skins contradicted its story.

Naughty Dog has yet to reveal if loot boxes or other monetization is going to be in The Last of Us 2's multiplayer experience. At this point, there isn't any clear idea just when the game is going to be released either, so there's sufficient time for that studio to test out different monetization systems. The multiplayer mode from the first Last people was one of its best elements, so here's hoping Naughty Dog can make this new standalone version just as good.

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