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Zelda: BOTW Multiplayer Mod Now In Development Following Bounty

Following on from the offer of a $10,000 bounty to anyone who could create a multiplayer component for The Legend of Zelda: Breath from the Wild, a brand new mod doing exactly that has become in development. Zelda: Breath from the Wild is recognized as one of the greatest games around the Nintendo Switch, however its lack of a multiplayer element is something that's sorely missed among the Zelda community.

Since its launch, there has been multiple mods released for Zelda: Breath from the Wild. Perhaps the most ambitious is the Breath of the Wild Second Wind mod, that provides players an extensive accessory for the bottom game, including new enemies, locations, and items. Other mods offer players a more humorous layer for their BOTW gameplay, such as mods that swap out the standard Hylian character skins for all those of Shrek, Thomas the Tank Engine, as well as Toy Story's Woody. But, while they are certainly all fun inclusions in the game, Breath from the Wild has still remained just one player campaign.

This might be changing because of a BOTW multiplayer mod now in development. Modder Alex Mangue, along with Sweet and Ethi (via Nintendo Life), has uploaded some new footage of their early form of a “work in progress” Breath of the Wild Multiplayer Mod to YouTube. The video shows the series' hero Link exploring Hyrule alongside fellow champions Revali (who is thankfully not showing any animosity towards Link) and Mipha. Cooperating in co-op mode, the three Champions make short work of Bokoblin camps, use stealth to sneak up on unsuspecting Lizalfos, and scale the kingdom's Lake Tower, even finding here we are at a group selfie.

The mod's development comes following YouTuber PointCrow's require a multiplayer BOTW mod last year, offering $10,000 towards the first person or team to accomplish the challenge. While the project continues to be beginning, its creation is definitely an exciting development for Legend of Zelda fans keen for many multiplayer gameplay. There is still a good amount of work that should be done on the mod prior to it being prepared to launch to the public, with the animations becoming rather jittery, but it's definitely an encouraging start.

As work continues on this Breath from the Wild mod, many are wanting to learn more about BOTW 2. Nintendo has not given away much by what its next admission to the Zelda series will involve, with teasers offering up more questions than they answer. The game seems to be targeting a darker tone, similar to Majora's Mask when compared with Ocarina of Time (although Nintendo has previously assured players that Breath from the Wild 2 is going to be unique, and not a Majora's Mask copy). With the sequel slated to produce a while this season, more news will probably be made available soon. Meanwhile, however, fans can enjoy the prospect of a multiplayer Breath from the Wild experience finally coming their way.

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