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FNAF: Security Breach Developers Haven't Eliminated Multiplayer

The developers of FNAF: Security Breach have teased the possibility of multiplayer coming to the sport later on. FNAF: Security Breach launched earlier this year, introducing new fears for players with survival-horror gameplay, pivoting right into a AAA setting the very first time in the series. The sport features a 1980s aesthetic filled with new Glamrock animatronics along with a host of other threats as players try to survive their amount of time in Freddy Fazbear's Mega Pizzaplex.

The Five Nights at Freddy's series is renowned for its expansive and sophisticated lore, featuring many characters across a range of periods of time and locations. FNAF: Security Breach puts players within the shoes of Gregory, a young boy trapped in the pizzaplex who must survive against an onslaught of animatronic threats. Out of the box usual for the FNAF series, the game is constantly on the offer jumpscares despite leaving the standard gameplay of earlier titles, and fans have already dubbed the brand new Map Bot as Security Breach's most terrifying new character.

In a recent interview with FNAF content creator Dawko, Steel Wool Studios executive producer Ray McCaffrey and creative director Jason Topolski spoke about potential multiplayer for Security Breach, admitting it's a possibility that hasn't yet been eliminated. Speaking with the YouTuber, McCaffrey explained that the studio has “certainly” considered multiplayer, stating:

“As game developers and having made multiplayer games in the past, we talk about everything time. The thing about multiplayer […] That is an undertaking, and again, we're an indie studio […] We discuss it, there is however no concrete plans.”

Topolski added that the team had a functional couch co-op version of FNAF: Help Wanted that was played internally by developers, but noted it never went to launch. Your comments ought to can be seen around the 18:00 mark within the video below.

Watch the job interview on YouTube here.

The new setting and characters of FNAF: Security Breach offer endless different opportunities for any potential multiplayer. The Glamrock animatronics and FNAF pizzaplex inspired by real arcades will make to have an interesting setting to take on with friends. Fans have previously made their own multiplayer versions of earlier FNAF releases, however the AAA-like survival horror of Security Breach could arguably make it the very best base game just for fun with friends.

The FNAF series has typically been a single-player one, but part of its success continues to be right down to reaction videos and Let's Plays shared across Twitch and YouTube. 5 Nights at Freddy's series is a that doesn't be put off by fan suggestions and involvement, which community aspect could well make FNAF: Security Breach a multiplayer hit. While Steel Wool isn't certain set up indie studio might make it happen, other indie multiplayer horrors from small teams, such as the incredibly well-liked Phasmophobia, have proven a hit, that could well mean FNAF: Security Breach multiplayer is extremely possible.

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